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FOUNDER, CEO Ojai Energetics

Will Kleidon

Will Kleidon is an award-winning pacemaker shaking up the hemp industry. With a dedication to love and being a force for good, Will founded Ojai Energetics in 2014, the first triple bottom line Public Benefit Corporation of its kind. He has combined his knowledge, experience, and entrepreneurial spirit to develop a revolutionary 30-second acting hemp CBD product. Featured in Rolling Stone, Cheddar, MSNBC, Forbes, Inc, Money, Entrepreneur, The LA Times, Will’s philosophies have paved the way for innovating with cannabis and regenerative agriculture techniques. Will is pioneering a range of projects including new studies into the endocannabinoid system, supercapacitors from hemp, and cannabinoids for space travel.


  • Permaculture College Australia, Permaculture Design Apprenticeship
  • Prescott College, Major in Sustainable Community Development, Minor in Holistic Health

Professional Titles

  • Ojai Energetics Founder and CEO
  • Chairman of the California Hemp Council
  • California Department of Food and Agriculture Hemp Advisory Board
  • Official member of the Rolling Stone Culture Council

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