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8 Important Reasons Why Ojai Energetics is the Safest and Most Effective Choice for Your CBD Needs

If your health practitioner or friends have told you to try CBD, or have tried CBD before without your expected results…Then it’s time to experience the Ojai Energetics difference:​

1. Over 20 Times More Absorbable

Over 99% of this CBD gets where it needs to go because of a patented colloidal technology (not liposomal)
*90% of the CBD in oils don’t even make it past the gut and liver and into the blood. This is called, “The First Pass Effect”.
*Then 90% of the CBD that does make it, isn’t available to the cells that need it.
Net/Net: 1 mg of CBD of Ojai has the same or better effect than 20mg of the competitors. *You can read the science at the bottom of the page.
“ Immediately after using Ojai Energetics I saw the results. Being a personal trainer, and playing multiple sports, I`m on my feet all day. And as a result I would have aches and pain in my shoulders and legs. Not anymore! That`s why I recommend Ojai Energetics products to all my clients.”
-Kevin Rudy

2. All Natural/Completely Safe

The irony behind most CBD products is that you are taking it for the benefits, however these products include unnatural ingredients that could cause more problems than they solve.
Ojai’s coloidal technology is completely natural while liposomal, and other extraction technologies contain un-natural ingredients which can have unintended consequences.

3. Derived from 100% Organic Ingredients

Unlike other brands, we focus on our farmer’s cultivation methods, and the health of their crops, water, and soil. The Hemp Flower we use is 100% organic, as are all of the supporting ingredients.

4. Tested for All Impurities

All Our CBD Tinctures Are Batch Tested By 3rd Party Vendor For Heavy Metals, VOC’S, Pesticides, Herbicides, Microbes, Terpenes & Cannabinoids
You can get a report on your batch

“CBD has allowed me to manage pain, reduce inflammation and improve my health and well-being and the best part is that it’s a completely natural plant based product.”
-Sierra Quitiquit

5. Healthy even for the highly sensitive gut

Ojai is free of: GMOs, Pesticides, Herbicides, Heavy Metals, Corn, Soy and Gluten

6. Faster Absorption, Means You Get the Right Dose

Not only does more CBD get in your system, but it is significantly faster than all other methods.
Normal oil might take over an hour to feel any effect, while artificial liposomal might work in 20 minutes or more.
Ojai can start working within 30 seconds which allows you to take the, “Tongue Test”.

Getting the right dose of of CBD is important as too much is also not optimal.

Because Ojai works so rapidly, it causes your body’s cannabinoid receptors in the tongue to modulate.

The taste will be bitter when your body needs more CBD, but will change to sweet when you have had enough.

Simple take a ¼ dropper, wait 30 seconds, then feel if it’s bitter or sweet. Then repeat until sweet.

Perfect Dose = No Waste and Optimal Results

7. Full Spectrum Hemp, That Means Something

You might have heard of something called, “The Entourage Effect”. In short, what this means is that isolated CBD doesn’t work as well as CBD extracted from hemp with all it’s other compounds including terpenes and other cannabinoids.

This has been demonstrated in many studies, so using CBD isolate is simply not a good choice.

And this makes the strain of hemp, the soil its grown in, and the nutrients used in the grow more important that you know. Like they say, “Garbage In, Garbage Out”.
If the “full spectrum” hemp oil you are receiving isn’t grown organically with the best natural nutrients, then the benefits you will receive won’t be nearly as powerful.
This is why we always have the best strains with organic farmers who don’t cut corners. We take Full Spectrum Seriously.
“Not only is this some of the highest quality CBD on the market, but it tastes incredible and I literally can’t wait to take it every day. I have seen an immense increase in the quality of my life. ”
-Erika Vikander

8. A Company You Can Feel Good About

People and Planet Before Profits is the Reason why we are the only Hemp CBD Company that is a certified B-Corporation.
Our servers operate off of wind power, we use completely recyclable packaging, ensures access to health products for those who cannot afford them, and we work to build relationships with the farmers who grow the ingredients we use, ensuring fair trade wages, and only supporting regenerative farming practices.

Try Ojai Energetics CBD

If you are interested in trying out CBD for the first time, or want to try another brand because you didn’t experience your expected results… then you can try Ojai Risk free for 60 days.
If you don’t enjoy it and don’t think it’s the best CBD you’ve ever had, just return it for a full refund.

And as friends of Lori Beth you will receive free shipping no matter what your order size (US ONLY), and receive a Tube of CBD Sports Gel ($47) with orders of 3 or more.

Each bottle contains 250mg of 100% absorbable CBD with the entourage effect.

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Single Bottle of Hemp Elixir

cbd oil and cbd sports gel

3 Pack of Hemp Elixir +Sports Gel

cbd oil and sports gel pack

6 Pack of Hemp Elixir +Sports Gel

*CBD Sports Gel is loaded with our proprietary full spectrum CBD and helps with achy joints, sore muscles, and provides a general sense of bodily well being


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Powerful Ingredients:

CBD Rich Hemp – CBD is one of hundreds of phyto-nutrients found in the hemp plant with some of the most diverse and effective health benefits found in Nature.

Moringa – One of Nature’s most nutritional superfoods, Moringa is loaded with vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, and bioavailable minerals.

Acerola Cherry – Our certified fair-trade Acerola Cherry is an amazing superfood from Brazil loaded with Vitamin C.

*Other Ingredients – Organic Vegetable(Coconut) Glycerin, Pure Water, Organic Quillaja

cbd nutrition facts


We encapsulate the full spectrum hemp oil in nano bubbles of water, so that it is instantly absorbed upon contact with the mouth. This allows most people to feel the benefits in 30 seconds not 30 minutes like normal CBD rich oils. It also increases the amount of CBD the body can use, over a 20x increase. We use only certified organic ingredients to do this, unlike anyone else who uses synthetically modified or synthetic compounds to encapsulate. This makes ours the fastest acting, safest, and most bioavailable CBD on the market.

It’s because we don’t remove the phytonutrients and chlorophyll that most companies remove because of formulation challenges they face. We keep the plant as whole as we can and then encapsulate it in water to give you the most effective and advanced delivery system. We are the only ones to make a water soluble full spectrum oil that doesn’t use synthetic ingredients.

The taste of the product getting sweeter as it approaches the correct dose is a function of the CB2 receptors in the tongue modulating indicating the optimal dosage amounts for the body for that day. This is due to our rapid absorption technology, and no other CBD oil whether fat based or solubilized does this on the market. Please see DOSAGE GUIDE for in depth instructions.

There are only trace amounts of THC which is well below the federal legal limit. Many people have taken our products without issues of failed tests, including a pro racer who got tested by NASCAR, Law Enforcement and other professionals who get tested. It is like a poppy seed bagel in that there are trace amounts of compounds that in theory could show a false positive. We do not make any guarantees and people should use their best judgment.

You can find them on our website by lot number. About mid way down on the home page click on See Lab Results (click here)

Morning is best, unless you want to use it for improved sleep quality then an hour before desired sleep is best. You can take with or without food, and throughout the day if you feel the need.

There are 30 full droppers in every 1oz bottle with the bioavailable equivalent of approximately over 5000mg of CBD of a fat based CBD product. Everyone’s body and needs are different, and on average they last a month or over depending on the user. Full spectrum CBD rich oil has an inverse tolerance and less is needed for the same results after the initial loading period for most people.

We use Colorado farm bill compliant hemp flowers that are certified organic and then use C02 to extract the oil.

Why are so many health professionals and peak performance experts recommending CBD?

First, because we aren’t a pharmaceutical drug company, we are required to be very careful with any health claims we make about our product. This is fair because companies tend to exaggerate benefits, and it is important that you include your health practitioner if you plan on making any changes involving CBD to your prescription medications, diet, etc…
We recommend you search around online and find credible sources, talk to health practitioners educated in CBD, and talk to those who use it in order to come up with expectations.
Here are some people who are using Ojai Energetics CBD and what they have to say:
[We aren’t making any claims that you will experience the same results or that CBD cures any disease]
“My brother is Josh “the Ponceman” Perry. He’s an actor. An hilarious actor. He also happens to have Down Syndrome. He has impeccable timing, a great sense of humor, and the ability to turn on the tears at the right moment. The one issue that has come up in the past is focus. Like all of us, work, personal life, etc., he can get distracted and it really used to drive him crazy when he was acting and would get stuck in a scene where he just couldn’t get a line right or felt he wasn’t as focused as he wanted to be.

Earlier this year he had his biggest role ever. One of the leads in a feature film. He had dialogue on about 80 pages of the 90 page screenplay. About 2 weeks before shooting started he began to take your CBD oil before working on his lines, memorizing, rehearsing. It was pretty magical how fast the CBD helped him focus and stay focussed. When shooting began he not only knew his lines, he knew everyone else in the cast’s lines as well. Anytime he has an audition or needs to get his mind in the right place to memorize or just get stuff done he takes his CBD and it really does work wonders.

I asked him what he thought of the CBD and he said, “I love it!” I also use it and love it. It has been a game changer in my personal and work life for managing stress and tuning into the focus zone. ”

-Scott Allen Perry
“I was initially interested in this product because of the often described as “calming” effects that I had read about. However, I discovered that it also offered much more than a calming effect. Initially the effect of this product on me was prolonged calm and elevated mood. I have also noticed that this product eliminates (for several hours) upper back and shoulder twinges and pain that can come from sitting at a desk for long periods of time – what a big plus for me. ”
-Daniel Strong
“Your product has really changed my life in a great way. I love to be active ski, kayak ect. But pain has slowed me down/ recover from workouts. But your cbd oil has helped me so much to be pain free! And I don’t have to take ibuprofen or Aleve! ”
-Patty Ludder
“I have an incredible story! My mother who was very unsure about taking the CBD, she has tried your CBD in her Chai Latte, after finishing her drink, she began to cry. My mom has been living with MS for a few years now. She has not been able to reach back over her shoulder with her left hand, yesterday less than 2 minutes after her drink, she reached back whilst sitting in the car and felt no pain at all. This amazing feeling continued to soothe her pain that she experiences on a daily. She is so Thankful for this product”
-Vanessa Castile
“Ojai bridges my modern active life, with ancient organics, allowing me to live a life as an explorer, optimized. Easy to use, amazing products. Long live Ojai! ”
-Julian Carr
“Quick recovery and fueling my body right are key elements to being able to continue a lifestyle I love. That’s why I use Ojai CBD.”
-Elise Sterck
“Ojai Energetics CBD has helped my body feel great while also improving my energy levels and mental focus when I’m hiking into rivers or on the water!”
-Maranda Stopol
“Ojai Energetics CBD keeps my mind sharp and my body strong so I can continue to do what I love every day. As an athlete, it is amazing to be a part of something that truly inspires health and happiness.”
-Spencer Lacy
“Ojai has helped me sleep at night, feel refreshed in the morning and has allowed me to retain focus and motivation throughout each day.”
-Nic Hilton
“It takes an incredible amount of focus and perseverance to live the lifestyle that I have chosen. Ojai Energetics helps keep my mind, body, and soul balanced and healthy through the ups and downs.”
-Cynthia Currie