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Modern humans have lost touch with the sense of peace, balance, and relief that a full spectrum hemp extract can provide. Ojai Energetics is the preferred CBD source powering products in the health and wellness industry.
Please note: CBD can act like grapefruit so please talk to your healthcare practitioner if you are taking medication that says not to take with grapefruit. For those using insulin, please monitor blood sugar levels before the use of insulin after taking out products, as CBD promotes healthy blood sugar levels in healthy individuals.

Includes one Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir, and one 12oz CBD Coconut Oil.

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We have taken two of the world’s most powerful superfoods and combined them: hemp and coconut oil. You can use our CBD-rich hemp coconut oil for your coffee, skin, smoothies, hair, massages, and more! Your body will thank you.


We searched the globe for the best coconut oil on the planet. Most coconut oil is heated, which creates a nutty taste, and kills off the enzymes. Our oil is truly raw and virgin, alive with enzymes and all the healthy fats that synergize perfectly with the CBD-rich hemp oil made from certified organic hemp flowers.


Not only is the coconut oil certified organic, but it’s grown biodynamically from family farmers that we know in Indonesia. They are paid fair trade, so not only are you supporting a healthy planet, but also the people who grew and made this luscious superfood.