cbd coconut oil - cbd infused coconut oil

CBD Coconut Oil

Biodynamically grown raw, virgin, and cold expeller-pressed, this creamy taste of the tropics is great for smoothies, spreads, and enhancing your favorite recipes. Or use it in your beauty routine in place of regular coconut oil. Full spectrum CBD coconut oil is great for massages, hair treatments, and skincare boosters.

Most raw virgin coconut oil is from dehydrated coconuts, and ours is from fresh pressed truly raw coconuts. This keeps the enzymes and nutrients intact for a truly living raw virgin coconut oil.


  • Combines two of nature’s most powerful superfoods
  • Versatile – Use it however you would use other coconut oils
  • Raw, organic, virgin coconut oil
  • Certified organic coconut oil from family farmers who receive fair trade payments



This CBD-infused coconut oil only contains two ingredients: certified organic raw virgin coconut oil and our full spectrum CBD hemp extract.

The ingredients are all organic, and the use of superfoods creates an oil that is perfect for nearly any use. Both our full spectrum hemp extract and coconut oil are known as superfoods, thanks to their robust health benefits.

  • Coconut Oil: While coconut oil is considered a superfood, not all are created equally. Most companies heat their coconut oil during processing, resulting in a nutty flavor and no enzymes. By contrast, Ojai Energetics uses raw, virgin coconut oil that still contains all its healthy fats and enzymes. Our coconut oil is also ethically sourced, as we get it from Indonesian family farmers that we know. Our farmers grow the coconut biodynamically, and they receive fair trade payment.

Just some of the benefits associated with coconut oil that earn it the title of superfood include its healthy fatty acids.  It may also have antimicrobial effects, reduce hunger, boost brain functioning, improve focus and promote a healthy endocannabinoid system.

  • Hemp Extract: Our certified organic hemp extract is made using flowers from certified organic hemp.

Humans have been consuming and using hemp for thousands of years.  For our coconut oil we use a fat soluble format which makes it ideal for topical useage.  The entourage of cannabinoids nourishes our skin and hair for optimal health and glow.


Each jar contains 150 milligrams of CBD in 12 fluid ounces (354 milliliters). There is also a smaller 5 oz container with a similar concentration per fluid ounce.


This superfood powerhouse can be used anyway you would use regular coconut oil. Here are a few suggestions:

  • You can use it for a next level massage.
  • Apply post work out after using our sports gel for long lasting effects.
  • Use it for leveled up oil pulling.
  • It deeply nourishes dry skin.
  • Your dry hair and scalp with thank you.
  • Add a few tablespoons to your bath and experience the glow and buzz our celebrity friends use as a secret game changer.
  • You can use this CBD coconut oil in place of coconut oil in your favorite recipes, from smoothies to cooking.

All of our products are the result of careful research and development. We always confirm the quality of our CBD products via third-party lab testing. You can easily view the official lab testing certificate for our hemp-infused coconut oil.


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cbd coconut oil - cannabis infused coconut oil


We have taken two of the world’s most powerful superfoods and combined them: hemp and coconut oil. You can use our CBD-rich hemp coconut oil for your coffee, skin, smoothies, hair, massages, and more! Your body will thank you.


We searched the globe for the best coconut oil on the planet. Most coconut oil is heated, which creates a nutty taste, and kills off the enzymes. Our oil is truly raw and virgin, alive with enzymes and all the healthy fats that synergize perfectly with the CBD-rich hemp oil made from certified organic hemp flowers.


Not only is the coconut oil certified organic, but it’s grown biodynamically from family farmers that we know in Indonesia. They are paid fair trade, so not only are you supporting a healthy planet, but also the people who grew and made this luscious superfood. 

CBD Coconut Oil Frequently Asked Questions

Our Coconut Oil has an expiration date listed on the product itself, this should be a label or stamp on it.

Our coconut oil is not water soluble like the Elixir and Sports gel, it is fat soluble.  It is truly raw virgin pressed and not heated or dehydrated first before pressing.  It is alive and as close to a fresh coconut as it gets!

In regards to the coconut oil, its a great moisturizer we have some customer who use it daily and are really happy with it, you can add it to your coffee to make “bulletproof coffee” or salad dressing, you can also cook with it. It’s really delicious.

Fat based formulas work awesome for topical applications and why we have our coconut oil.  Our water-soluble technology works awesome for topical as well as it penetrates deeper than fat based formulas and the combo together is powerful.  The smaller particle size is what enables the formula to penetrate deeper than a regular fat based formula.

The Coconut Oil cannot be heated more than 225 degree. If you overheat the oil it will lose its potency.

It does not have to be refrigerated but you can when its hot so it does not melt away.

It does not have as much as our elixir and sports gel. The Coconut Oil has about 12ml grams of CBD per every ounce.

We have customers who use both our Elixir and CBD Coconut Oil on their scalp. Our scalp has endocannabinoid receptors as do the hair follicles.

The bodies endocannabinoid system is amazingly intelligent and prioritizes the systems it determines need the cannabinoids the most. Some-days it will send them to the digestive system, others the nervous system etc. If it’s going to the CB-2 receptors in your bones, you’re not going to notice is like you would if prioritized your nervous system or opioid system.

It chooses which system it deems most in need every-time and sends them there to help! That’s why step 3 is there because if the system we think is most in need is not on the body’s triage list with the first sweet spot, the second sweet spot tends to have it on there.

It is made from coconut, all of our products are corn, soy and gluten free.

There are 2mg of fat soluble CBD per teaspoon

Here is a list of many ways the Elixir or Coconut Oil can be used.
CBD In the Tub – Use 1-6 droppers of Hemp Elixir to enhance your bath. Our water-soluble technology allows it to absorb easily, nourishing your entire body. You can also add our Coconut Oil to bath bombs or directly to the tub for your soak.

CBD in Drinks – Putting a couple of drops of the Hemp Elixir or a spoon full of CBD Coconut Oil in your smoothie is an awesome way to get a boost during your day. Restaurants often use our elixir in carbonated beverages, green juices, smoothies and even coffee. Erewhon’s hemp drinks are made exclusively with our elixir. It’s their top-selling drinks for a reason.

CBD while Cooking – Have fun experimenting with the most versatile CBD on the planet! From salads to desserts, Ojai’s CBD will take your food to the next level! You can use CBD coconut oil in recipes that call for coconut oil.

CBD Balm – You can apply the Coconut Oil and Sports Gel all over your skin. It will absorb and help your skin and muscles, as well as deliver cannabinoids everywhere in your body.