What Is Water-Soluble CBD?

Water-soluble CBD is an innovative method of taking CBD that offers fast-acting effects, higher bioavailability, and the ability to be mixed into drinks.  Cannabinoids like CBD are fat-soluble, so most CBD products on the market are also fat-soluble, meaning they dissolve and infuse into fats rather than water. The issue is that our body has a natural gatekeeper to block fats from smoothly entering the bloodstream—a water layer over the mucosal membrane—making fat-soluble CBD products far less bioavailable than water-soluble ones. When our water-soluble CBD oil hits the mucosal membrane, it goes straight into the blood safely and effectively. Our water-soluble CBD technology lets you feel the benefits of CBD in a minute or less.

How is Ojai Energetics water-soluble CBD made?

With 100% USDA certified organic plants

What makes Ojai Energetics water-soluble CBD different? It has a 100% USDA Organic Certification. It’s the first water-soluble CBD on the market to be made using only certified organic plants. Our patents make us the only company producing certified organic water-soluble cannabinoid formulations. We use ingredients that are free of synthetic or synthetically modified compounds and that are third-party batch-tested for volatile organic compounds,  pesticides, herbicides, and microbes.

Using colloidal methods instead of liposomes

Colloidal nanoemulsion, or swollen micelle encapsulation, encases CBD in tiny water bubbles called micelles. It’s designed to emulate natural gut encapsulation processes. Why? For improved bioavailability and more immediate onset.

When water-soluble CBD comes into contact with the mucosal membrane under the tongue, it gets absorbed into the bloodstream immediately, bypassing the digestive process that is detrimental to liposomal delivery.

Liposomal delivery also has a more prolonged onset than colloidal delivery, at least 30 minutes, while the colloidal formula starts working almost immediately.

What is water-soluble CBD used for?

Water-soluble CBD in your daily routine

Whether you’re taking it directly under the tongue, mixing it into recipes, or dropping it in your bathtub or coffee, it’s easy to make CBD a part of your daily routine. It’s simple, accessible, and discreet.

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Water-soluble CBD and yoga

Adding water-soluble CBD to your wellness regimen may enhance feelings of balance and well-being, making it a perfect companion to practices like yoga.

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Water-soluble CBD and relaxation

The combination of water-soluble CBD and meditation can enhance balance and well-being, by calming the body and relaxing the mind. When taken 45 minutes before bed and in combination with lemongrass essential oil, CBD may also assist with sleep.

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Water-soluble CBD and training

Adding full-spectrum water-soluble CBD to your health routine can have numerous benefits, from balance and general well-being to better skin health. Our water-soluble CBD Sports Gel was explicitly designed for those with active lifestyles.

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How to take water-soluble CBD


Fill the dropper to one fourth full and dispense it under your tongue. At this stage it may taste bitter. Repeat this process until the once bitter taste takes on a honey-like sweetness.


To achieve the optimal dose continue dispensing the oil—one drop at a time—under your tongue, stopping when it tastes 100% sweet like honey. At this stage everywhere except the back sides of the tongue should taste sweet.


You have now taken the perfect dosage of CBD oil for your body for that particular day. If, after five minutes, you still desire additional effects, please repeat these steps.


Unless directed by a healthcare professional, do not exceed eight full droppers of our full-spectrum CBD oil in a single dayeven if you surpass this amount with other brands. Our CBD products are highly bioavailable and are at least 20 times more potent than other CBD products.