Pro-Athlete’s Guide To Water-Soluble CBD

Pro-Athlete’s Guide To Water-Soluble CBD

The concept of CBD for athletes is something that’s gone from a novel concept to mainstream. High-profile endorsements from athletes are driving CBD interest higher and higher, but not all products are created equal. Many athletes who are trying to use CBD to support their daily regimen aren’t getting the full benefits that they could be, and it largely stems from the formats that they use. A lot of the primary fat-soluble options on the market only give a fraction of the amount of actual CBD that water-soluble options do. Here’s a closer look at what CBD does for athletes and why water-soluble CBD is preferable.

How Does CBD Help Athletes?

The primary benefit is the ability to reduce inflammation from intensive exercise. This is accomplished by stimulating the endocannabinoid system. When CBD is absorbed, it interacts with the body’s cannabinoid receptors. This supports athletes by potentially reducing the amount of soreness after a workout or heavy competition. This works with stretches or heat/ice therapy.

In addition, CBD’s interaction with the endocannabinoid system can help with things like rest and recovery. The faster that athletes can recover, the more workouts that they are able to do to help hone their bodies. Along with this, CBD can also help to improve the quality of sleep, something that is associated with a variety of health benefits. There is also some anecdotal evidence suggesting that CBD can help with areas like focus and mood, but the correlation isn’t as clear as the points we’ve discussed previously. 

How Does CBD Help Athletes?

If one wants to see how all these different elements play out in practice, they need to look no further than professional surfer Kassia Meador and how water-soluble CBD helps her training. Here are her thoughts on using water-soluble CBD from Ojai Energetics:

“Working with sound and vibrational therapy really supports the harmony, flow, and well being of my whole body system, physically, emotionally, energetically, and neurologically. When you couple sound and meditation with the healing supportive properties of the Ojai Energetics CBD Elixir it is even more profound and supportive of full radiant health and harmony of my entire being. I love offering the community who I support with sound baths by offering a few droppers of the Ojai Energetics Elixir. It always supports everyone opening up fully and receiving the most support and transformation from the sound healing experiences.”

Another major question many athletes may have is whether or not CBD would impact their drug tests and the ability to compete. For that, let’s reference Scott Douglas’s The Athlete’s Guide To CBD.

Douglas notes that CBD was taken off the World Anti Doping Agency’s list of prohibited substances in 2018. In order for a substance to be on the list, it needs to meet two of the following three criteria:

  • Having the potential to improve athletic performance
  • Having a possible health risk
  • Violating “the spirit of sport”

CBD can help improve performance, but it is not a health risk when used properly. In addition, it’s readily available to all competitors, so it doesn’t violate the spirit of sport. With this said, it’s important that athletes source quality CBD. Examples of athletes failing drug tests for CBD largely stem from poor-quality CBD that has traces of THC or other prohibited substances. All athletes should work with CBD providers that can verify the content of their products with lab test results.

What Makes The Difference With Water-Soluble CBD

While CBD for athletes has entered the mainstream in many ways, a lot of people may not be as familiar with water-soluble CBD as other forms like capsules or infused products. Here’s a rundown of what this product is and what some of the unique benefits are.

Water-soluble means that a product can dissolve in water, compared to fat-soluble, which dissolves in fat. Going water-soluble is so important because your conventional CBD isn’t typically absorbed well in the human body. The body doesn’t absorb fat molecules, so typical CBD needs to be held inside the gut prior to absorption. This exposes it to stomach and liver acids, where 90% of the CBD is actually destroyed before you can absorb it. If the product is a CBD isolate, you get even less of it.

When water-soluble CBD enters the body, it bypasses this whole process, going directly into your bloodstream. This means that when you buy CBD Sport Gel, you are automatically getting the most for your money, as well as stronger effects. For athletes who need help with the rigors of competition and workouts, this makes water-soluble the obvious choice. 

 What Makes The Difference With Water-Soluble CBD

“Ojai Energetics amazes me every time I use it. I use their cream when I’m feeling sore and get some muscle relief in a matter of a few minutes. It’s insane! This stuff is like my holy grail product and now I can’t live without it.” – Melissa Vogel

There are other, more subtle, benefits as well. CBD oil that’s taken orally can be easy for an athlete to store in a gym bag or other container than capsules or other delivery systems.

With all this said, as an athlete, making sure that you are putting only the highest-quality ingredients you can find into your body is paramount. This includes the water-soluble CBD that you use. To let our customers get all the advantages of Ojai Energetics’ water-soluble CBD, we take this to the next level by only sourcing pure and sustainable hemp. We test all CBD tinctures with third-party vendors to check for the amount/presence of the following:

This lab information is made available so you know what’s in your water-soluble CBD oil before you take it. The end result is our Ojai Energetics Elixir being the only 100% organic certified water-soluble CBD on Earth. Are you interested in reaping these benefits? Reach out to us today.