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Steven Kotler Joins Ojai Energetics Advisory Council

Ojai Energetics, Founder and CEO, Will Kleidon, officially announces the appointment of New York Times bestselling author and flow state expert, Steven Kotler, to the Ojai Energetics Advisory Council. How does CBD, the endocannabinoid system and flow state overlap? Let the research begin. The goal of Kotler’s newly appointed position is to help steer the science and research into the future of CBD and flow

“I’m excited about the possibilities of researching the overlaps between the endocannabinoid system and flow. Ojai Energetics is a fantastic organization to partner with to achieve this goal,” said Kotler, Founder and Executive Director of the Flow Research Collective and best known for his flow state science, technology and research. 

Hemp and Flow Founders

Kleidon and Kotler are both members of Baby Bathwater Institute, a carefully curated entrepreneur mastermind. The organization is a global hotbed for innovation and collaboration where founders swap stories and support on the love and war of entrepreneurship, a perfect recipe leading to Ojai Energetics and Kotler’s synergistic beginning.

Next-Gen Cannabis Science and Research

Ojai Energetics is a triple bottom line driven cannabis technology company with a primary focus on the organic and science-driven nutraceutical and medical sectors. As CBD makes its way into becoming a household staple for all ages and uses, Kleidon is pushing the research envelope on how the combination of how CBD impacts and potentially enhance flow.

“There is science backed research thanks to Kotler on achieving a state of flow whether its increased executive productivity, creative problem solving, athletic performance or leveling up skill sets,” said Kleidon. “I wanted Ojai Energetics to take our CBD and flow state theory and put it to the test.”

Defining Flow

Flow is defined as an optimal state of consciousness, a state where you feel your best and perform your best. The findings, for example, include seventy-six percent average improvement in performance from Kotler’s training.

“We have no idea how CBD or THC relates to flow. We have evidence that flow itself produces anandamide, naturally. CBD can boost anandamide levels in the body. We have anecdotal evidence that THC helps people get into the flow,” said Kotler. “We have started in on a very long research program to examine these questions.”

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