Ojai Energetics Joins the Global B Corporation Movement

We are thrilled to announce that Ojai Energetics has officially become a Certified B Corporation! This prestigious certification adds us to the ranks of over 7,000 pioneering, purpose-driven companies worldwide dedicated to meeting rigorous social and environmental accountability, transparency, and performance standards. 

What Is a B Corp?

Certified B Corporations are a new kind of business – they voluntarily meet higher standards of ethical purpose, accountability, and transparency. Certified B Corps must consider the impact of their decisions on all stakeholders – including workers, local communities, suppliers, consumers, and the environment. It’s an incredibly meaningful way for mission-driven companies to make a stand for positively contributing to the world.

Becoming a Certified B Corporation

Earning our B Corp certification was no small feat. We undertook the incredibly detailed and transparent B Impact Assessment that reviewed and scored our company across five key impact areas:

  1. Governance  – Assessing our overall mission, ethics, accountability and transparency
  2. Workers – Evaluating our employee programs, benefits, training, work environment, health and safety, and more
  3. Community – Looking at our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, civic engagement, and philanthropic contributions
  4. Environment – Auditing our facilities, operations, supply chain, and resource usage for ecological impacts
  5. Customers – Rating our commitment to providing the highest quality and most ethically-produced offerings in the market with exceptional service

This assessment left no stone unturned in evaluating the depth of our commitment to balancing purpose and profit.

Aligning With Our Values

Since Day 1, we’ve worked incredibly hard to build a purpose-led, values-driven organization focused on making a positive difference in everything we do. We’ve been a Public Benefit Corporation since our founding and were the first in the space to become a PBC. Being a Public Benefit Corporation means legally embedding your company’s purpose beyond profit. This spans from promoting regenerative agriculture to improving access to high-quality CBD to operating with integrity, honesty, and care.

Becoming a Certified B Corporation further demonstrates our commitment to anchoring and expanding this purpose for the long haul. We couldn’t be more honored to join Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, Seventh Generation, Athleta, and other leading B Corporations as pioneering businesses walking the walk to use commerce and capitalism as a transformative force of empowerment for people and the planet. We’re thrilled to join this broader community! 

This growing movement gives us tremendous hope and excitement for the future, proving companies uniting behind ethical principles can begin healing the world rather than merely extracting short-term gain. The B Corp community shows the path toward restoring society’s trust in business, acting responsibly for collective benefit rather than purely bottom-line interests. Becoming a Certified B Corporation allows us to demonstrate and be bound to our higher purpose publicly. We couldn’t be more thrilled!

Learn more about the global B Corporation movement at bcorporation.net. By using products in this community, you’re actively part of helping the world be a better place. Together, we can elevate the role of business in society!