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3 Proven Ways to Manage Stress Effectively

Some days it’s a struggle to stay cool, calm, and collected. We all have stress and deal with hassles every day of our lives. 

When we’re constantly feeling “stressed out,” we’re not optimized in our lives.

When we experience stress, our central stress response system becomes tired and we feel as though we’ve been worn thin; we feel impatient, frazzled, and easily agitated. There are several different ways to manage stress so you can stay calm, alert, and get into the flow.

How to Manage Stress

Steven Kotler is the Founder and Executive Director of the Flow Research Collective, as well as a partner on the Ojai Energetics Advisory Board. Kotler is best known for his flow state science, technology, and research. According to Kotler, there are three tools in stress management that can help you reduce stress.

How to Manage Stress

Fight Stress by Adding More Stress

As we all know, a good workout can seriously take the edge off. The scientific reasoning behind this is that acute stress can help mitigate chronic stress. Engage in short, intentional bursts of acute stress – such as an intense workout, slipping into an ice bath, or getting a deep tissue massage – to help reduce chronic stress.

Cognitive Reframing

A study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that when participants changed their perception about their stress, they were alleviated from the physical symptoms of their stress.1 That being said, a means of stress management is changing your perspective and manipulating salience to influence the way you think about stress. To change your cognitive frame, try viewing stress as something positive, such as a sign of growth and expansion. Your experience of stress will determine how negatively this stress affects you.

Breathing Exercises – Rapid Nasal Breaths

Right after feeling a surge of stress, try taking a long, deep breath in through your nose. When it feels like you can’t breathe in any longer, sniff quickly and as hard as you can. Deep breathing is one of the best ways to reduce stress in the body.

Add CBD to Your Daily Routine

Did you know that your body naturally produces cannabinoids –Anandamide and 2AG, essentially it’s own cannabis-like compounds? When a stress event occurs, the body produces cannabinoids to buffer that stress event. However, it also produces a compound called FAAH that destroys the cannabinoids. Without an effective level of intake of phytocannabinoids, a negative feedback loop occurs.

CBD modulates FAAH and allows our internal cannabinoids to stay in circulation and not be destroyed by stress events. Stay in balance with a CBD tincture of full-spectrum CBD oil. A few CBD drops of Ojai Energetics water soluble CBD oil is all you’ll need to feel the benefits of CBD and a decrease in stress.

You can manage stress by using the tools above as well as keeping a positive mind, planning ahead, sustaining healthy eating habits, and acknowledging your feelings. At Ojai Energetics, one of the ways we like to manage stress is with the help of CBD. If you’re looking for a reliable product, you can purchase the best CBD products at Ojai Energetics.

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Insight from bestselling author and journalist Steven Kotler, the Executive Director of the Flow Research Collective and an advisor to Ojai Energetics.