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How to Sleep Better at Night: and CBD

Studies show healthy sleeping habits make a significant difference in your quality of life. If you have trouble sleeping, there are several different approaches you can take to help you sleep better at night. While sleeping aids and medications can help you sleep better, they may have negative side effects and are typically not recommended for long-term usage. Thanks to brands like Ojai Energetics and, there are more natural ways to help you sleep better.

Using Music to Sleep and Relax –

Music has a direct effect on the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps your body relax and prepare for sleep. [1] One of our favorite ways to utilize music to help you sleep better at night is with [2] makes functional music to help your body do what it needs to do to sleep, but better.

Music is usually made just to sound good or elicit emotion, but uses a scientific approach to create functional music to help listeners focus, relax, sleep, or meditate. Backed by research, employs teams of scientists and composers to engineer music specifically designed to enhance these states within minutes of use. A pioneer in auditory neuroscience, has recently been recognized by the National Science Foundation with a grant to support its work in the field. [3]

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The Science Behind

One of the methods uses in its music involves rapid amplitude modulations designed to alter neural oscillations (rhythmic activity in the brain). The sound from is modulated at low frequencies to directly enhance slow-wave sleep, yet still allow an otherwise normal sleep pattern. This application provides a consistent relaxing sound, free of gaps, and filtered to reduce sleep-interfering auditory events, especially within sensitive cochlear regions that would normally cause a wakeup. It mimics the slow swinging of a hammock or rocking of a cradle using 3D sound, creating a perception of sound that’s just far enough away that it will not awaken the user. Sleep Playlist Options

You can sleep, relax, and meditate with different types of sleep sounds, such as:

  • Ambient music 
  • Beach and ocean waves
  • Forest sounds
  • Night sounds
  • Rain
  • Thunder
  • Underwater sounds
  • Wind

Ojai Energetics Full-Spectrum Hemp Elixir CBD and Sleep

Alongside the use of music to help you sleep better at night, you can use CBD to promote relaxation and sleep. There are many benefits of the world only 100% organic, water-soluble, full-spectrum CBD and it offers a variety of effects depending on the dosage, product, time of day, and other factors. Our full spectrum CBD elixir can help you relax, and in conjunction with a good sleep playlist, you will find yourself dozing off in no time.

“Many find taking our elixir in the morning helps them sleep better that night.  If you want to use our full spectrum CBD to help to fall asleep, we recommend taking the elixir using the honey dosage guide (or 2 droppers if you don’t want to use honey method) and smell lemongrass or oregano essential oil right after you take the elixir,” said Will Kleidon, CEO, and founder of Ojai Energetics. 

 “It’s best to do this 30 minutes or more before wanting to be asleep.  When you use our 100% organic, water-soluble, full-spectrum CBD oil like the one Ojai Energetics offers, you can optimize your endocannabinoid system to help regulate your body’s internal clock (the circadian rhythm),” said Kleidon whois also the Chairman of the California Hemp Council.

If you’re looking for organic CBD oil products to help you promote sleep, Ojai Energetics is the world’s only option when it comes to water-soluble and full-spectrum hemp elixirs. Our water-soluble CBD oil is organic, made without synthetics or synthetically modified compounds, and pairs very well with a sleep playlist.

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