The Ultimate Guide to CBD During the Holidays

The holidays are almost here and we’re giving you the ultimate guide to eat, drink and be merry with CBD.

This time of year, you’re surrounded by family, shopping, eating, and gratitude, at the very least. At Ojai Energetics, we understand the holidays can also be a difficult time for some people for several reasons – some of the reasons being travel, stress, anxiety, eating, over-eating, drinking, and family dinner dynamics!

However, this time of year doesn’t need to be difficult. Understanding how you can use CBD during the holiday season as well as how you, your family, and your friends can reap (and give) the benefits of CBD oil all season long can be the key to a stress-free holiday season.

The Ultimate Guide to CBD During the Holidays

The Gift of CBD

For the person who has everything, add Ojai Energetics to their must-have gift list. If you’re searching for the perfect holiday gift for your family members or organic-friendly friends, there’s nothing better than our all-natural CBD tincture to boost their health and wellness arsenal!

For the fitness buff in your life, you can gift them a topical CBD Sports Gel, a fast-acting topical option for athletes looking for new recovery solutions, as well as people interested in the natural impacts of CBD.

Sometimes finding the right CBD gift can be a challenge. At Ojai Energetics, we offer a CBD Starter Kit, which includes a bottle of water-soluble CBD oil and CBD coconut oil. This way, the recipient can choose how they would like their peace, balance, and relief.

Chill Out with CBD

For the Type-A personalities in your life, CBD gifts can take the holiday edge off. Some of those holiday stressors include traveling, shopping for gifts, dealing with family, and social events that trigger anxiety. Between work parties, family parties, gifting exchanges, recipes to make, pets and children to take care of, and so much more, the chaos that comes with the holidays can be eased with the help of the gift of CBD.

Start your day off right by adding some water-soluble CBD to your morning cup of coffee. You can also help your furry friend feel less stress too! If your pets are traveling with you or spending time alone while you’re away, they can also reap the benefits of CBD. Put a bow on it and give the gift that keeps on giving.

Organic Holiday Cooking with CBD

Organic Holiday Cooking with CBD

If you are trying to be the Martha Stewart of CBD, we’ve got you. What do you get when you combine two powerful superfoods, hemp, and coconut oil? Ojai Energetics CBD Coconut Oil. This product includes CBD rich hemp oil made from certified organic hemp flowers.

You can use this product whether you are the head chef of the family or the minimalist looking for an easy way to add CBD to your everyday smoothies on the run. CBD coconut oil adds a modern-day twist to grandma’s favorite gravy recipe, spreads and holiday recipes.

Digital Detox Secrets with CBD

Not sure how CBD can fit into your life? Check out the book Digital Detox Secrets, how to increase the opportunity for health, happiness, and opportunity in your digital life.  With 19 chapters about creating work-life balance in the digital world, Ojai Energetics CEO/Founder Will Kleidon was exclusively interviewed in the chapter “How CBD Can Change Your Life” as well as additional expert advice in the Chapter “The Skinny on Skin” which covers CBD and Skincare.

There’s no better gift to give your family, friends, or yourself than CBD during the holidays. You can purchase the best water-soluble CBD oil online at Ojai Energetics to kickstart the season once and for all. Happy Holidays!