Sleep Like a Pro, Starting with a Healthy Sleep Routine

The days are shorter, the air is cooler, and our eyelids are heavier. That’s right, it’s November — and that means that it’s National Sleep Comfort Month!

It should be a whole lot easier for you to get comfy-cozy now that Daylight Savings Time made 5:30 p.m. look a whole lot like midnight. Instead of grumbling about how you miss those evening hours of sunlight, think of it as an opportunity to really ramp up your sleep health.

Most healthy adults need about 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Unfortunately, the CDC says that about a third of Americans aren’t getting the healthy zzz’s that we need.[1]

This month, make it a priority to clock in at least seven solid hours of snoozing every single night. If you’re like us and have a hard time shutting off your brain at night, try these tips to create a healthy sleep routine that works for you.

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6 Foolproof Ways to Fall Asleep, and Stay Asleep

1. Turn off your electronic devices — yes, all of them

We know, scrolling through Facebook and Instagram while in bed is your favorite way to unwind. However, according to a recent Harvard article, those blue lights from your phone or laptop are limiting your melatonin production, and ultimately screwing up your entire circadian rhythm.[2] Try shutting off your electronics two hours before bed in favor of a book or magazine, or at least consider investing in some blue-blocking glasses if you really need to be on your phone.

2. Take a hot bath

Are you already bored? Good! Then strip off those clothes and hop into a warm bathtub, because Healthline suggests that 90 minutes before bed is the ideal time for a soak.[3] That’s because the hot water actually drops your body temperature, priming you for a night of deep slumber. Take it to the next level and add a handful of muscle-relaxing Epsom salts, two droppers of water-soluble CBD oil, and sprinkle in a few drops of lavender oil for soothing aromatherapy. Hot baths are the perfect staple to add to your healthy sleep routine.

3. Try a white noise machine

When it’s so quiet you can hear a pin drop, you might be priming yourself for a disastrous night’s sleep. You’ll hear the next siren, dog barking, neighbor with music, or any other disturbance so much more acutely, and it’ll startle you out of that much-needed REM sleep. Protect your ears with a nice muffled sound from a white noise machine or app, or just opt for a nice whirring fan.

4. Avoid blue light like the plague

Like we mentioned before, light is your worst enemy when it comes to sleep. We suggest unplugging any night lights and turning alarm clocks away from you when it’s time to crawl into bed, so your melatonin production isn’t suppressed. If any outdoor light reaches your bedroom window, try blackout curtains. As a bonus, they might even help muffle out any excess sound.

Herbal tea and CBD Coconut Oil

5. Sip some herbal tea

A hot, steaming mug of freshly brewed tea before bed might be the final thing to tip you into a deep slumber. Chamomile is a great choice because it contains a special antioxidant that can help promote deep, restorative sleep, even if you have insomnia. Add a few drops of CBD oil or even a spoon of CBD coconut oil to enhance that relaxation. If you’re like us, you might even feel its calming effects within 30 seconds!

6. Optimize your endocannabinoid system

Your endocannabinoid system regulates your body’s internal clock called the circadian rhythm. The best thing that we can do for a healthy sleep routine is to optimize this system by taking our water soluble CBD oil, known as our full spectrum hemp elixir.

Final Takeaway

Don’t forget — the point of a nighttime ritual is that you do these things every night! As your brain and body get used to the new bedtime routine, falling into a deep sleep will become second nature soon enough. Happy National Sleep Comfort Month!


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