Ojai Energetics CBD Dosing

The Science of CBD Dosage with Ojai Energetics Organic CBD

You’ve received your Ojai Energetics CBD tincture, the world’s only 100% organic, water-soluble full-spectrum CBD hemp elixir. Now you may wonder, how do I use CBD? How much CBD do I need? 

There are a few different methods of dosing methods to choose from to achieve maximum impact. It’s important to keep in mind each person is different, so there is not one general dosage that works equally for everyone. To determine your optimal dosage range, there is a method to figure out what amount works best for each individual. 

CBD Dosage with Ojai Energetics Organic CBD

CBD Dosage – The Honey Dosage Method

The honey dosage method is a way to determine the correct dosage of CBD your body needs. The honey dosage method can only be done through direct oral consumption. Each day the amount of CBD your body needs may change. Here are the steps to reach the optimal dosage using the honey dosage method.

How Much CBD Do I Need (Step 1)

Take about 1/4 of the oil in the dropper under your tongue and note how the CBD oil tastes. Continue to administer 1/4 of the CBD in the dropper under your tongue until the bitter taste starts to become sweet, like honey.

How Much CBD Do I Need (Step 2)

Continue one drop at a time until it tastes 100% sweet similar to honey, and then stop. If everywhere except the back sides of the tongue are sweet, stop.

How Much CBD Do I Need (Step 3)

You have now taken the perfect dosage of CBD oil for your body for that particular day. If, after five minutes, you still desire additional effects, please repeat these steps.

Most CBD users find that 2-3 droppers of CBD is their optimal range at the beginning of their CBD usage.

Please note: CBD can act similar to grapefruit in that, after consumption, prescription medications take longer to metabolize. Consult your health practitioner before using CBD.

The Science of the Honey Dosage Method

Cannabinoids are the compounds that make up the hemp/cannabis plant. Because of our encapsulation technology, cannabinoids are able to enter into the system quickly. This gives the body feedback using the sweet receptors on our tongue.  When the honey taste is at its peak, it is your body’s way of telling you you’re at your optimal dose ratio.  

Other compounds like zinc provide similar feedback using taste. However, for cannabinoids, this phenomenon is unlocked only by our patented technology.  This is due to the water encapsulation that allows for near immediate absorption and enhanced bioavailability. 

Ojai Energetics discovered this before a study came out and demonstrated the exact pathways on how it does it. Here is the study showing the pathways it works on.

The endocannabinoid system has receptors in literally every system of the body from digestive to skeletal, dermal, reproductive, cardiovascular, and the nervous system. The receptors direct cannabinoids to the system it deems is most in need of the cannabinoids. This is also known as the triage effect. 

If the first sweet spot doesn’t take care of the things you were hoping for, that means the triage effect prioritized other systems above it. Thankfully all you need to do is re-dose to the second sweet spot. 

Getting the Optimal CBD Dosage with the Honey Method

The honey dosage method is the main method in which you can figure out your optimal CBD dosage. Starting is simple. Fill up your CBD tincture a quarter of the way and put it under your tongue. After you do this, you’ll want to notice its taste and see whether it is more bitter or sweet. 

If it is not absolutely, one hundred percent sweet, like the taste of honey, you will continue this step with another quarter filled tincture. With every drop, it should become sweeter and sweeter. Once it is almost one hundred percent sweet-tasting, you should be doing a single droplet at a time to pinpoint your dosage. 

Hitting That CBD Dosage “Sweet Spot”

The goal is for it to taste sweet like honey, and that is your ideal dosage! The taste of honey is your body’s way of telling you you’ve reached your optimal CBD dosage. There can be multiple sweet spots, as well. Your optimal dosage can change the more you use the product. Repeat these steps to always know you are getting full effectiveness. 

Remember to always finish your dosage when the CBD tastes sweet, and not bitter. Whether it is more or less than the last dosage you took, it may not always be the same amount. 

Check out the step-by-step optimal CBD dosage and honey method guide for more information.