Kassia Meador surfer and Ojai Energetics CBD athlete cream

The Benefits of CBD Cream and Elixirs For Athletes

Whether you are an athlete like Kassia Meador or a fitness enthusiast looking for CBD, you likely agree that maintaining your health is an important part of your lifestyle. Adding Cannabidiol or CBD can help to enhance your health routine. Ingestible water-soluble CBD oil formulas are known to have numerous benefits from reducing inflammation from extreme exercise to promoting skin health.

These benefits are especially ideal for those who do a lot of sports and physical fitness activities. Ojai Energetics’ Full Spectrum CBD Sports Gel and Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir were designed specifically for those with active lifestyles. Read on to learn about some of the benefits of CBD cream and elixirs for athletes.

“As someone who has been a professional athlete my whole life and is now a bit older, I get sore from time to time. Some days while surfing hard I may have an old injury flare up again, or tweak something. Nothing to keep me out of the water but I can for sure feel it and it may slow me down a bit. Whenever that happens I bust out the Ojai Energetics sports cream and rub it directly into the area calling for it 3 x a day. Usually, after a day or two of using the sports cream,  I’m back in the water feeling 100% my fully stoked self,” said Meador.

CBD for Athletes and Inflammation from Extreme Exercise

CBD for Athletes and Inflammation from Extreme Exercise

One of the most touted benefits of CBD is that it helps to minimize inflammation from extreme exercise that causes discomfort. Ingest a dose of full-spectrum hemp elixir, which may help address the inflammation throughout the body. Ojai Energetics water-soluble technology allows athletes to feel the benefits of CBD with the correct dosage in less than 30 seconds, as opposed to the 30 minutes it takes a regular CBD-rich hemp oil.

Once absorbed, our organic CBD oil will interact with nearby cannabinoid receptors. By stimulating the endocannabinoid system, CBD can help decrease inflammation that many athletes experience after pushing their bodies through extreme exercise. In addition to stretching, icing, and foam rolling, CBD cream for athletes may soothe discomfort.

CBD Moisturizes Athletes Dry Skin

Long hours in the sun or a chlorine pool can wreak havoc on your skin by drying it out. Our skin is covered in endocannabinoid receptors that help tone and tighten the skin. The body’s endocannabinoid receptor properties are enhanced by vitamins C, E, A, and the omega-3 fatty acids found in hemp seed cannabis oil.

Some of the best CBD Sports Gel for athletes, particularly topical skincare offerings, also include other beneficial ingredients like essential oils and potent natural extracts such as moringa, buchu, wild cherry, calendula, ginger, eucalyptus, and other ingredients that help to moisturize dry skin. All of these ingredients can be found in the Ojai Energetics sports gel.

The Benefits of CBD Cream For Athletes

How Can Athletes Add CBD Into A Healthy Lifestyle

At Ojai Energetics, we offer a variety of CBD products that you can easily incorporate into your healthy and active lifestyle! Our most popular item is our organic water-soluble CBD oil – the Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir. We also offer an organic CBD-infused Coconut Oil that you can use to boost nutritious meals, massages, and much more!

Read our blog on ways to add CBD to your daily routine. To order our natural CBD products, including our CBD cream for athletes, visit our shop!