CBD and Aromatherapy with Essential Oils

CBD Tincture and Aromatherapy Interview With CEO Will Kleidon

Terpenes are what forge the scents in essential oils, and what provides the experiences that give us pleasure, calmness, and wellbeing. Here we explore the concept of CBD aromatherapy in depth with Ojai Energetics founder, Will Kleidon, to learn about the promising developments when coupling cannabinoids, like CBD, with other essential oils.

Listen to the CBD Aromatherapy interview below:

CBD Aromatherapy Interview Raw Transcript

Jason: I would like to do a little heart exercise that we did the other day. I don’t know if you are into sharing that or want to jump right in the interview?

Will: Yeah, I just did one right before you said it, tuned in. We like to start our meetings with an exercise called the heart smile. And there are some fascinating data on how our heart contains neurons similar to the brain. And that we are emitting a frequency that’s measurable from the heart, and when the technique is applied, it drastically changes the frequency you emit.

It really facilitates a wonderful connection and insight and the flow for meetings. I’d love to share that. So, we start by closing your eyes and using your mind to imagine smiling at your heart until you feel your heart smile back at you. And once you feel that smile you can shine that smile out to another heart smile – it’s simple and awesome.

Jason: I am sure there is science behind this, too.

Will: Yeah, there is a group called the HeartMath Institute. They are worth checking out.

Jason: Great. Okay, well thanks, Will. Hopefully, a couple of people will try that and can share it, as well. Maybe first we can go with an update on CBD or anything you want to share about Ojai Energetics, then we will be talking about essential oils and aromatherapy.

Will: Every day I am inspired by the stories we get back from people and their experiences with our products and it’s always nothing short of miraculous how it impacts their lives.

And it’s a real honor to be in service like this and to be able to help people’s lives transform. What else, we got some exciting product launches with other like-minded companies in the drink arena coming out. We had a press release talking about us joining forces with Rocky Mountain High Beverage Company, and we are going to do CBD infused RDNX energy drink. CBD definitely synergizes well for people who partake in caffeine as in neuro-protective, and also in the nervous system.

So, it adds a really nice, calm energizing nootropic benefit to the user. We are super excited about that and we have a few other things coming out in the pipeline, so stay tuned. It’s pretty exciting.

Jason: So even without the caffeine, it still provides an energy boost. It’s an alternative as well right?

Will: No doubt it’s an alternative, especially to people who are sensitive to caffeine. It actually works by targeting the adenosine receptors and they are the same receptors that the caffeine targets; the way it targets it is a very adaptogenic way in the body.

Adaptogen is the term for a compound that balances the body out, for homeostasis. So, you can move things in both directions for balancing and maintaining balance. CBD is one of the most profound adaptogens on the planet and it works the same way on the adenosine receptors. So, it gives a really balanced and energizing focus and simultaneously calm, relaxed mind and body.

Jason: Great. Yeah, so, this concept is relatively new to me and I think it will be new to a lot of people, it’s using the different terpenes or different scents with smells along with CBD. Where did that concept come from and what will you have brewing and how does it all work?

Will: That’s a great question, and yeah so, the cannabis plant and the cannabis family, which hemp is part of, has one of the most diverse terpene profiles on the planet.

Terpenes are what give different smells and scents. The olfactory system is one of the most under-glorified delivery systems and system of the body and it really directly relates right into the connection to the hypothalamus, which is kind of the like the information center for the endocrine system, as well as to our limbic system, which is our emotional body, as well as the reptilian brain for general functions, which people considers fight or flight.

TLavender aromatherapy with CBD oilhe way that the terpenes work is that they go up through the olfactory system and they enter the hypothalamus, and terpenes are slightly denser than gas, so they can travel up, they are fat-soluble mostly, and can pass the blood-brain barrier. And once in there, they start doing good work within the body. They can mimic hormones, they can clean cell receptor sites, can increase cellular communication and there is a huge amount of diverse application that terpenes can have in the body.

For instance, people will know lavender essential oil. So essential oils are predominantly terpenes and have some phytonutrients in them as well. People know that lavender essential oil is very common and relaxing and helps have a deeper sleep, to name a few benefits. One of the primary terpenes in the lavender essential oil is called linalool, and it is also found in hops and certain strains and varieties of the hemp and cannabis plant. And so those strains that have high linalool combination are well known for calming, soothing effects. There is also another terpene called pinene that’s present and named after pine trees and it gives out that well-known pine scent.

And so pinene is great for soothing muscles and also provides some alertness in the body. And so, strains with higher pinene are more cerebral, good for muscles. People know that different terpenes profiles in essential oils have a diverse benefit to the body.

What’s come out more recently as people study it, is that you can use the terpenoids to guide the cannabinoids, which are actually a type of terpene (it’s a denser terpene, a tetra-terpene), through the body for different targeted cell receptor sites. So, it’s, really cutting-edge fascinating science where we can direct the CBD when taken and if you can smell a particular combination of terpenes, let’s say our Clarify Blend.

So for instance, the Clarify Blend, along with helping skin, also has a citrus-based blend with the limonene, those terpenes are known for mood-boosting, energizing properties; so if someone wants to feel uplifted they can smell the Clarify Blend and then take the CBD, and it’s going direct that experience to be even more uplifting. Whereas someone who wants to sleep deeper, can use our Dreaming Blend and those particular terpenes include lavender. So, you can take and smell that, and then enjoy the benefit of deeper sleep. So, you direct it with the terpenoids, and that’s a really fascinating and exciting field of application.

Jason: Awesome! So, it actually enhances the benefits of the CBD and maybe tailors them to the particular need of the individual?

Will: Precisely. So, from the initial 11, they can tailor their experience with the CBD and target specific desires, just by smelling them and then taking the CBD. Because the terpenes will get up through the olfactory center, into the hypothalamus where they can get into the blood. They kind of direct the other cannabinoids or tetra-terpenes to those specific cannabinoid receptor sites that they have affinities to.

And there is a doctor, Michelle Sexton, who is a brilliant woman. When I spoke to her, this theory and observation were relatively new. She has been studying it and been getting the same result as what we have been seeing.

So, it’s exciting to see that collaboration with other experts and getting those results because the implications are quite profound.

Jason: Great, wow! That’s awesome. You know from what I have gathered, the terpenes in the actual cannabis plant are the things that really give people the effect that they are looking for. So, there is a lot more to it than just taking CBD and THC.

Will: Precisely. So, one person can have an identical ratio of CBD and THC say like 24:1, and with a different terpenoid profile can have a vastly different experience. One can be very uplifting and alert, and the other one can be more calming, soothing, etc.

So, the different strains have different terpene profiles, and that’s where people tend to have an affinity. I remember, a long time ago, someone recommended you always smell the product, particularly with people are using flowers, which unfortunately you can’t use yet in the US; but the laws are changing, for the interstate.

Your nose knows, if you smell and really like it, and that part particular terpene combination is what your body is needing at that time. So, someone can like the smell one day, and then the next day not like that smell but love a different terpene profile. That would be the one to use.

And so, with these blends, we kind of covered all the bases, so people can use them and can figure out what’s most needed and desired for their body on that day, or for that time of the day.

There is something to be said where the body also has its own innate intelligence, so it works when you direct it, but also if you are not directing it. So, the endocannabinoid system will deliver the cannabinoids and other phytonutrients to where it sees best. So, when you increase the concentration you can also work with it and direct it.

What’s fascinating with terpenes and cannabinoids is that they are left-handed ligands. That means the left-handed spin, versus a right-handed ligand, which is found when you synthesize or isolate compounds. The right-handed ligands tend to be stressors on the liver. So, for instance, an opioid or aspirin works by blocking cellular communication and blocking the signals of pain. However, the body when it’s done with that, cannot break it down into useable materials or building blocks.

It has to be processed out of the liver and it can stress the liver. Whereas left-handed ligands are holistic, in that they facilitate an increase in cellular communication, and when the body is done using them it can break them down into amino acids on-site for building blocks and usable, bio-harmonic materials as opposed to ones that the body can’t use. When you are using the essential oils and terpenes along with the cannabinoids, they are very holistic and gentle on the body.

Jason: Like stacking functions in permaculture?Essential oils and aromatherapy with full spectrum cbd oil

Will: Precisely. Excellent example. An item that you use for one purpose and then it’s not like you throw out the rest like a one-time use Styrofoam. You can actually break it down into other usable parts and it becomes cell food. And that is exactly what we need and want for sustainable and regenerative energy and way of life and that starts with the body.

Speaking of a little bit about our bottles, they are amazing to re-purpose. I always recommend when you are done, wash them out and use them, and making your own tinctures. They are all recyclable and we use recycled packaging materials and earth-friendly inks. But it’s even better before spending energy on recycling them if you can re-purpose them in your own home. We do that. And we would love for that to happen for other people.

Jason: Great! One question that came up was the difference between smelling and ingesting orally, or smoking a terpene with a cannabinoid?

Will: Yes, so getting it in the body via the olfactory system is one of the most efficient. Vaporizing or smoking is pretty effective in terms of bioavailability; however, with smelling, you are going to get a lot more out of it.

All of our oils are always tested for purity either organic or wildcrafted. However, certain terpenes you don’t want to ingest.

Some are fine, but they are very, very, very potent. Because it contains a lot of distilled plant matter, and a little goes a long way.

So, smelling it is actually the most effective way really of getting it in the body. What’s unique with some of our patented processes, with the hydrosome delivery system we do, the terpenes that are present already in the strain that we use can actually get through into the blood very, very quickly. Whereas a normal CBD oil which, would be a full spectrum if it had the terpenes, the terpenes are also fat-soluble and are not as bioavailable.

So, with our process, we can make it more bioavailable. So when you are taking the CBD, you are getting terpenes that are naturally present directly in your body and with the essential oils, we still recommend smelling it as you are going to get a lot more mileage out of them that way.

Jason: I see. You can have a diffuser in a room or put it on your beard as oil.

Will: Precisely. Some companies sell essential oils that are not diluted in a carrier oil, and I personally don’t think that’s the most responsible way of delivering them because they are very strong compounds. And certain ones are fine to put on the skin like lavender, which is fine for most people. But certain ones like clove or peppermint can really irritate the skin if not diluted. So, we always have ours in organic grapeseed oil, so that they all have been tested and are safe to apply to the skin. You don’t have to worry about any adverse reactions or irritation from them.

Jason: Nice. That’s great. And it probably wastes less too. If you spill a couple of drops isn’t really a big deal. You spill a little lavender oil, then it’s like 30 plants down the drain.

Will: Precisely. You only need a minute amount of them for the application. So, all the formulas are actually tested in a holistic health college for efficacy and safety. And the amount that one really needs is much, much less than even an undiluted dropper. A couple of drops of peppermint undiluted you have gone overboard. You are fine but you don’t need that much. It’s much more efficient and sustainable.

Jason: Awesome. It gives me a lot to think about and try.

Will: Yeah, I always recommend. It’s a lot of fun. We’ll be releasing these blends not too far off. In the interim, just make sure it’s certified organic because there are people putting out synthetic essential oils or ones that are extracted using harsh solvents. If you get organic, you know you are good. You can play and blend your own and experiment with CBD researching different essential oils and what they are known to do and experience it firsthand the wondrous synergy between the two.

Jason: Awesome! Your new product line do you have a name for it yet?

Will: Yeah. Rainbow Valley Essential Oils. We’ve been perfecting them, and we are really excited to release them in the not too far future. We’ve gotten tremendous results in our testing. It’s really exciting.

Jason: Nice. Great. Thanks, Will. That’s huge. That’s great wisdom there. Do you have anything else you wanted to say?

Will: No. Would love to hear feedback if anyone has questions. Look forward to it and we are thrilled to be a part of the journey with everyone towards optimal living!

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