Athletes Chime in on CBD Sports Gel

CBD Sports Gel Launch – Latest Health & Wellness Products

Ojai Energetics has officially launched its newest health and wellness product, the CBD Sports Gel. On a revolutionary course for physical maintenance, it is a fast-acting topical option for athletes looking for new recovery solutions, as well as people interested in the natural impacts of CBD.

Athletes Chime in on CBD

Kassia Meador is a professional surfer and female entrepreneur who regularly turns to the natural and fast acting ingredients of Ojai Energetics CBD Sports Gel.

“Using full spectrum CBD is about providing the necessary nutrients for our bodies endocrine system which supports our body’s natural healing system from a nutrient perspective. It feeds and boosts our body’s own natural healing process versus just masking the pain and shutting down the way our bodies heal,” said Meador. “For me, the Ojai CBD offerings are more effective, faster acting and supportive for my body’s own healing capabilities than taking pills and it’s the only way I get spot pain relief for aches and pains from extreme exercise.”

Meador points to an example of dislocating her shoulder during the Mexi Log Fest surf competition.

Using the CBD Sports Gel allowed me to surf each and every heat with far less pain than I would have had otherwise, each day my shoulder was getting better and better through the contest and I not only was able to surf the contest but I ended up in second place,” said Meador.

using CBD sports gel

What is CBD Sports Gel?

It is a water-encapsulated hemp extract, combined with powerful natural herbs including moringa, rosemary, eucalyptus, and more. Users can simply apply the lotion by hand or directly onto the affected area to start seeing results. Due to the unique, cannabinoid-rich extract, users will see faster penetration and more efficacy compared to other products.

Compared to alternatives on the market, CBD Sports Gel is:

  • Corn-free
  • Soy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • GMO-free
  • The only water-soluble full-spectrum CBD without synthetics

Along with these benefits, CBD Sports Gel and other Ojai Energetics products are specifically formulated to avoid some of the common issues that can occur with CBD products. Regular CBD oil is not well-absorbed by the body, with much of it being destroyed by liver and stomach acids before actually being used. To circumvent this issue and give users the best outcome, Ojai Energetics products use immediate absorption technology to help people get the optimal benefits full spectrum CBD.

Not all CBD is Created Equal

“The ingredients you put in and on your body to optimize your health is important,” said Ojai Energetics CEO and founder Will Kleidon. “Ojai Energetics is different than any other full spectrum CBD brand in the world and we have the science and technology to back it. Consumers need to do their research and it’s important not to clump all CBD products into the same quality category.”

What’s Ojai Energetics CBD Difference?

CBD Sports Gel

Regular CBD oil has very poor bioavailability. People will pay for 100% of the product, but will only get 10% out of it that’s usable to their body. Regular CBD are for internal use since these formulas can’t be absorbed into the bloodstream regularly because of the water barrier in our mucus membranes. With our formula, the CBD is encapsulated in micro-bubbles of water which can permeate our mucus membranes very efficiently. It only takes about less than a minute for our product to enter the bloodstream, so the effects work immediately.

In addition, Ojai Energetics also uses water-soluble full-spectrum CBD hemp oil in all products to ensure that CBD oil is combined with the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients necessary to see the desired final results. CBD Sports Gel promises to take this careful formulation and apply it to a new set of CBD consumer products. All tinctures are batch-tested for heavy metals, VOCs, pesticides, and herbicides.

Why choose Ojai Energetics?

Ojai Energetics provides a full line of CBD and hemp products, designed to help support general wellness. On top of providing high-quality products, Ojai also places a great emphasis on sustainability at all steps of the supply chain. To this end, all servers are wind-powered and all packaging is recyclable. Ojai Energetics also works with its farming partners to ensure fair-trade wages as well as regenerative farming practices.

Photo Credits: Kane Skennar (@kaneskennarphotographer)