Ojai Energetics Year In Review Cracking the CBD Code

In 2019 Ojai Energetics made headline news in business, technology, retail, health, wellness, sports, food and beverage, luxury business events, artificial intelligence, holiday gift guides and even made its way into being featured in a business book! 

“I founded Ojai Energetics after searching for a CBD rich hemp oil for a personal need in 2014, and I couldn’t find one that was made without synthetic fillers, had 3rd party batch testing results and used organic ingredients,” said Will Kleidon, CEO, and Founder 

Kleidon, who was recently named Chairman of the California Hemp Council, is a regular on the speaking circuit as a thought-leader in the cannabis industry. This year he spoke at the BevNet conference about the best scientific practices for hemp farming, discussed the benefits of CBD on the Wellness Mama Podcast, chatted with Forbes’ Javier Hasse about newest additions to the team, shared insights on how to crack the CBD code with Cheddar’s co-hosts, and gave travel and lifestyle tips to Inc. and Money readers.

In 2019, we brought you a wealth of knowledge about CBD and 2020 is getting off to a momentous start. With our recent partnerships developing within the food, beverage and beauty industries, you can find our CBD oil infused into many well known beverages brands today and looking to broaden our reach into food and cosmetics in 2020. 


Wellness Mama Podcast: The Most Effective Way To Use CBD (& Why So Many Don’t Work) With Ojai Energetics.

Kleidon catches up with the Chief of Wellness Katie Wells to get the facts for her audience on the big difference in modern culture that is causing oxidative damage, the surprising real reason cannabis and hemp were made illegal, the two cannabinoids we produce internally, the definition of a terpene and much more.


BevNet: Best Scientific Practices featuring Will Kleidon, Founder & CEO, Ojai Energetics.

If you are wondering about the facts in hemp farming and everything you should know from farming, extracting and sourcing.


Money: 10 Highly Successful People on the Surefire Ways to Stay Productive

Wonder why you should have a healthy endocannabinoid system?  If our body is a symphony of parts, this system is like the conductor. It regulates and balances the entire body. Read the whole story.


ojai energetics on news

PR Newswire:Ojai Energetics Launched CBD Sports Gel.”

In April 2019, Ojai Energetics announced the launch of its newest health and wellness product, the CBD Sports Gel. Professional surfer and entrepreneur Kassia Meador explains how she regularly uses Ojai Energetics CBD Sports Gel because of its fast-acting and natural ingredients. 

Cheddar: From High to Sober in 5 Minutes: How Ojai Energetics May Have Figured It Out.”

Kleidon made it to the big screen and everywhere Cheddar is streaming sharing the Ojai Energetics difference in cracking the CBD code and going from high to sober in less in five minutes.


Telegraph: Ojai Energetics Hosts CBD Mood Lounge at AI Show Biz Summit.”

Ojai Energetics took a step into the future when it teamed up with Brain.fm and Holistic Health Science Vibro Acoustic Therapy to create the Ojai Energetics lobby lounge at the 2019 AI Show Biz Summit. Ojai Energetics turned the lobby at the iconic Fox Theatre in Silicon Valley into the Ojai Energetics Lobby Lounge where guests could take a second to relax, recover and revive. The lounge included Suja juice served up beverages powered by Ojai Energetics, headsets equipped with Brain.fm’s AI music engine, and Ojai Energetics cutting edge mood modulation stations.

Business Insider: Ojai Energetics and SoCal Farms Unveil First Hemp Farm.”

Ojai Energetics teamed up with SoCal Farms to unveil the first hemp farm located in Los Angeles County. The partnership aims to revamp and reboot the Antelope Valley farming industry, with Ojai Energetics donating the hemp seeds for the 100-acre crop. Ultimately, this allows companies like Ojai Energetics to begin sourcing hemp and its ingredients directly with farmers from California. 

Money: “Take a Hemp Elixir and Other Hacks Business Titans Swear By.”

The struggle is real for business professionals these days being in the always-on 24/y digital world. Ojai Energetics offered expert advice on how CBD can be a game-changer when traveling to help regulate the internal clock.


Forbes: New York Times Bestselling Author Steven Kotler Talks ‘Flow,’ Cannabis And His Involvement In Cannabinoid Research.”

Ojai Energetics advisor, Steven Kotler, sat down with Javier Hasse at Forbes to discuss his own personal experiences with cannabis, the endocannabinoid system and Flow, and why he chose to work with Ojai Energetics. The New York Times Bestselling Author talks about how Flow and CBD mirror one another in their ability to produce anandamide in the body and how it relates to the “ultimate human performance.” 

Yahoo Finance: Ojai Energetics Opens its First CBD Retail Location.”

Ojai Energetics officially went retail in June with the opening of its health and wellness center located in Ojai, California. The new retail location offers a new take on CBD-infused health and wellness experiences by offering products that are all organic, made without synthetics, and combining services such as acupuncture, nutrition, and psycho-emotional healthcare. 


Cannabis Law Report: “Will Kleidon Named Chairman of California Hemp Council.”

Staying on the inside of the hemp industry, Will Kleidon said. “I’m excited to serve with California Hemp Council and to promote and support the high standards Californians expect of their CBD products, foods, and beverages.”

Inc: 3 Things to Do at Work on Friday to Ensure You Have a Low-Stress Weekend, According to These Hyper-Productive CEOs.”

Do you use micro goals? Ojai Energetics Founder and CEO recommend you to start with your micro-goals and make sure the to-do list supports/advances the completion of those goals.


Benzinga: “Exclusive: Former Nestlé Exec Tim Brown Partners With Cannabis Tech Company Ojai Energetics.”

After a thirty year career with Nestlé, Tim Brown saw an opportunity to partner with Ojai Energetics. “Joining a new brand with ancient roots and modern innovations such as Ojai Energetics is the wave of the future,” Brown said. This added leadership helps catapult Ojai Energetics to the forefront of the CBD industry. 

Benzinga: “What to Look for When Buying CBD in Beauty and Skincare.”

CBD is one of the hottest “it” items in beauty and skincare, with companies offering a range of CBD infused products at a wide range of prices. So, how do you figure out whether or not you are getting a quality product? Will Kleidon gives his two-cents on how to get the most “bang for your buck” when purchasing CBD skincare and beauty products. 


Authority Magazine: 5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started Leading a Cannabis Business.”

From trusting a guy named pork chop to hiring Gen Z to celebrating wins but keep moving, Kleidon shares his best business success advice.

Chris Kresser podcast: “RHR: A Deep Dive into CBD, with Will Kleidon.”

One of the most respected clinicians and educators in the fields of Functional Medicine, Chris Kresser, caught up with us and helped clear up misconceptions about CBD and also explain more about how these products work, our history with hemp, and how to get the CBD dosage right for your body.


Runners World: Next-Generation CBD Products for Athletes.”

Author and journalist Scott Douglas added Ojai Energetics to his picks when it comes to CBD for runners and athletes. Ojai Energetics Sports Gel and Hemp Elixir made its way to athletes, adventurists, surfers, runners and more.

Beverage Business Insights: Is Ojai Energetics Bent on Bevs? Naked, Monster Vet Hicks Signs on to Build Out Biz of Cannabis IP Firm; Tonkin Joins Advisory Board.”

Ojai Energetics took a big sip into the beverage industry making headline news across the industry with the news of adding James Tonkin along with with Thomas Hickstp the roster.


BevNet: “Beverage Veterans Join CBD Brand Ojai Energetics.” 

Ojai Energetics has added two beverage industry veterans to its management team, with former Coke executive Tom Hicks coming on as COO and Jim Tonkin joining the company’s advisory board.

PRNewswire: Ojai Energetics C-Suite Welcomes Consumer Products Industry Veterans Thomas L. Hicks and Alan T. George.”

New additions were made to the Ojai Energetics C-suite with consumer products industry veterans Thomas Hicks and Alan George. Learn more about how these two industry experts are bringing their corporate experience into the CBD technology space. 


November marked the launch of LIFEAID’s new CBD Blend drink formulated using Ojai Energetics broad-spectrum hemp, which contains high levels of active cannabinoids, including CBD, CBD-V, and CBG. LifeAid chose Ojai Energetics for the new drink because of its water-solubility and the fact that its broad-spectrum hemp contains 10 times more active cannabinoids per milliliter than many competitors. 


Engage!: “The CBD Experience in Events, Hotels, and Spa.”

Ojai made an appearance at two Engage! Summits this year: Baha Mar in the Bahamas and Nizuc in Mexico. Luxury wedding business pros learned about the new ways to incorporate CBD into the wedding planning process from CBD-infused menus to aromatherapy rooms and spa treatments. 

Digital Detox Secrets

Ojai Energetics can be found as ex expert source in two chapters including ‘How CBD Can Change Your Life’ and ‘The Skinny on Skincare.’  Read the whole book by Lisa Buyer to help create space in your digital life for happiness and productivity using CBD and more.

And that’s a wrap for 2019 Ojai Energetics news highlights reel. The best CBD science, technology, and innovation is yet to come in 2020. 

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