The Role of CBD in Sports Recovery

This article has been reviewed and approved for accuracy by Dr. Craig Brandman, a cardiologist with more than 20 years of experience and a passion for helping consumers make informed health decisions.

Disclaimer: CBD isn’t recognized as a drug by the FDA and therefore is not approved for the treatment of pain as a medical symptom. This article addresses temporary discomfort from exercise, overuse, and related activities. 

This blog discusses CBD for health and fitness and provides recommendations on how to add it to your exercise regimen.

Many athletes and sports enthusiasts have added CBD to their recovery routines. Research efforts continue to grow, but one thing is clear: adding CBD to your recovery routine is a simple, effective way to feel refreshed and perform better. But you don’t need to be a pro athlete to reap the benefits of CBD for physical recovery. 

Whether you’re tied to an office chair all day, committed to an exercise routine, or just trying to stay active, CBD helps you sleep better and supports optimal recovery from exercise. This blog explores CBD’s many roles in supporting our body’s natural restorative processes.

Cannabidiol is the non-addictive derivative of the cannabis plant. It gives you all the benefits of natural recovery without any psychoactive effects. That’s what makes CBD an essential tool for biohacking. Our bodies have built-in cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system, so we’re naturally receptive to the effects of CBD. Even better, CBD works with cannabinoid receptors that are in every system of the body. This is a win-win situation for anyone looking to ease their pain and maximize physical activity results.

If you’re new to CBD or looking for better ways to incorporate it into your recovery, it’s essential to understand the depth of its many advantages. Read on as we delve into some of the top benefits of CBD for sports recovery.

1. Sleep & Relaxation

Most health and fitness enthusiasts constantly search for exercise tips and other ways to make their workouts more effective. In reality, most of the results of physical activity occur after; rest and recovery. Your body works hard to repair muscles while you sleep. Better sleep quality leads to a stronger body and a refreshed mind. Taking steps to increase the quality and duration of your sleep naturally is a great way to reinforce the benefits of a good workout.

Workouts put your body under stress, especially intense ones. Letting your body rest is an excellent way to heal, especially when you’re feeling sore, dealing with muscle aches and pains, or worn out from an active day. Sitting or sleeping fall under passive recovery. Full spectrum, water-soluble CBD supports both passive and active recovery for overworked muscles after each workout. Here at Ojai Energetics, we designed our elixirs to emulate the body’s natural digestive processes to start working immediately.

For example, a few drops of CBD as part of your night-time routine can support relaxation and promote a healthy sleep cycle. Because you feel the effects within moments, you’ll be able to focus on winding down for a good night’s sleep — not on tired muscles.

That’s when water-soluble CBD kicks in. Unlike regular fat-soluble CBD products, our bodies smoothly integrate water-soluble CBD safely into the bloodstream. Its high bioavailability and fast effects mean you’ll feel calmer before you fall asleep. There’s no better feeling than waking up feeling energized and physically replenished.

2. Muscle Spasm Reduction

Muscle spasms, or spontaneous muscle cramps, are painful experiences often triggered by intense exercise. Maybe you find your hamstring seizing up during a long hike or your calf sending out shooting pains during a gym session. Unfortunately, avoiding muscle spasms is complicated and is sometimes unavoidable when your body is not running on all cylinders.

They commonly occur due to muscle fatigue and overuse. Suppose you forget to stretch before a workout properly, are returning to exercise after time off, or are trying to up the intensity of your regimen. In that case, you’re likely to experience muscle cramps. But the potential for spasms shouldn’t keep you from taking care of your body through regular physical activity.

Dehydration can cause spasms as well. Drinking plenty of fluids is key to any successful workout, and water-soluble CBD complements your hydration efforts. Adding a full-spectrum CBD tincture to pre-workout drinks can help mitigate muscle cramps from overused muscles before they happen. CBD is an entirely natural alternative for supporting optimal muscle performance. That’s a significant win for competitive athletes who train regularly. But it’s also why CBD is an excellent option for the average fitness enthusiast who needs to stay on top of a hectic schedule.

3. Great Fuel for Exercise

Whether you’re looking to increase the intensity of your exercise routine or need more energy to maintain your current fitness level, it’s crucial to fuel your body correctly. Pro athletes and dedicated enthusiasts know that you can only reap the benefits of a workout if you give your body plenty of nutrients. Just like a car won’t run on an empty tank, you won’t see results from exercise without a complete, healthy diet. While fueling up before a workout is essential, it’s especially crucial to nourish tired muscles after a workout — food is recovery, too. And the more intense your workouts are, the more extra calories you need for optimal recovery.

There are several hurdles to good energy maintenance. A study has shown that physical activity may reduce appetite, particularly aerobic workouts like running or swimming. Experts attribute this to a release of hunger-suppressing hormones after exercise. It may also result from a positive post-workout mood and self-esteem boost that keeps you motivated not to overeat—but trying to cut down on calories after a hard workout is dangerous, as this study found. Even if you don’t feel starving after a long run or a hot yoga session, it’s vital to refuel your body within two hours of physical activity. Food gives your body the energy it needs to repair worn muscles, ease old injuries, and make you stronger for the next session!

Adding CBD to food and beverages is a great way to boost your pre-and post-workout meals, giving you the nutrition you need to sustain any activity level.

4. Relieves Pain from Exercise

Many pro athletes have started incorporating CBD oils, creams, and gels into their training to ease tired muscles, reduce fatigue, and limit the effects of overuse. Even casual gym-goers, and people experiencing pain from the grind of daily life, have started to see the benefit of using CBD.

Because CBD quickly bonds to receptors in our bodies, it can kickstart our body’s natural recovery process as soon as it takes effect. And since our patented full spectrum, water-soluble CBD goes directly into the bloodstream, you’ll feel this relief immediately. Reducing pain levels during and after exercise will help you get stronger and give you the energy to incorporate more movement into your routine without sacrificing all the other commitments of a busy lifestyle.

Besides the topical application, try mixing CBD oils and tinctures into protein shakes, smoothies, nut butter, or your snack of choice to maximize your recovery. CBD can still be a great addition to your recovery process, even if you don’t typically feel sore or endure excess pain after your workout. Giving your muscles all the tools they need to rebuild and relax quickly makes all the difference.

The bottom line is that long and rigorous exercise can wear your body down. Even the top professional athletes regularly encounter muscle and joint pain, fatigue, and other performance obstacles. Everyone seeking to stay active should invest in their recovery with an optimized pre- and post-workout regimen. A proper regimen can prevent injury and speed up muscle repair, keeping you physically and mentally tough. CBD for sports recovery is a no-brainer for all the benefits we’ve discussed and potentially many more. 

Our water-soluble CBD is highly bioavailable, all-natural, sustainably and ethically sourced, safe, and effective. As research continues to validate CBD as a tool for muscle aches and soreness, you can trust that Ojai Energetics will never compromise people and the planet for profit. 

Change starts with you. Unlock a life of deep sleep, strong muscles, and a tranquil mind by taking control of your physical recovery. Contact us today to learn more.