Will Kleidon’s Take on Buying into the CBD Skin Care Industry

CBD in skincare products has become the hottest “it” ingredient in the grooming and beauty market. In fact, it has become so popular, consumers are willing to pay top dollar for their products from various beauty brands. The beauty products range from CBD-infused serum, lotion, soap, oil, face masks, cream, and makeup. But how much do you really know about your CBD skincare brand? Is it worth the price?

According to Will Kleidon, CEO of Ojai Energetics, it is important for consumers to educate themselves before they buy any CBD beauty products to get the most for their money. The product doesn’t have to have a high dosage of CBD to have the same effect a smaller amount would, but you do need to read the ingredients label carefully.

Getting the most “bang for your buck”

If you have recently gone shopping, you have probably seen the signs “Now selling CBD Beauty products,” or “CBD Products in the beauty section,” at major department stores.

Kleidon said in a nascent industry, CBD products are flooding the market. However, for a consumer to get the most “bang for their buck,” they should educate themselves on the products first.

Select the brands that test their products in independent third-party labs. With these results, it will make sure every batch contains CBD with no pesticides and contaminants.

Ingredients label

Next, you should scan the ingredients label for specific CBD terms. These terms include full-spectrum CBD, full-spectrum hemp, CBD oil or CBD extract.

What you want to avoid is products listing ONLY terms like cannabis Sativa oil, hemp seed oil or hemp seed extract if you’re looking for Cannabinoids. This means the product has been made from only the seeds of the hemp plant, instead of parts of the plant that contain CBD and other including leaves, flowers, and stalks.  And hemp seeds contain little to no CBD.

“The cannabis plant produces over 418 compounds,” he said. “While CBD might be the trumpet section, what the body needs is the trumpet section playing with the whole orchestra.”

CBD Skin Care

A Little Goes A Long Way

When it comes to the amount of CBD in skincare product topicals, unlike ingestibles, a little CBD can go a long way. 

Research, Research, Research

When it comes to CBD skincare products in the beauty and grooming industry, it is a booming industry that continues to grow larger every year. The anti-inflammatory agent in CBD is a big reason why it is so popular in beauty products. 

But Kleidon warns consumers to be careful about which brands they choose. To get the most for their money, consumers should educate themselves on the various options starting with the brands that test its CBD in independent third party labs for the amount of CBD, contaminants, and pesticides.

Study the ingredients label to make sure it does not contain terms like cannabis sativa oil, hemp seed oil or hemp seed extract. These ingredients are from the hemp seeds which contain very little CBD. If you are looking at the CBD dosage in the product, remember a little CBD can go a long way.

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