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CPG Beverage Executive Tim Brown Partners with Ojai Energetics

Former CEO of Nestle Waters North America joins cannabis technology brand Ojai Energetics calling the clear technology leader in hemp-based solutions to meet the expansive CBD food and beverage market. Ojai Energetics poised for massive growth in consumer packaged goods (CPG) with a focus on food and beverage in addition to the supplement market.

Ojai Energetics announces CPG sector business leader Tim Brown as a business partner. Brown, formerly President and CEO of Nestlé Waters North America, brings close to 35 years of progressive leadership experience and CPG expertise to the Ojai Energetics team.

“Tim Brown has partnered with Ojai Energetics to accelerate our growth in the CPG and beverage sectors,” said Will Kleidon, CEO/founder of Ojai Energetics and Chairman of the California Hemp Council.

Brown’s Experience in Health-Based CPG a Natural Fit

Brown’s successful career began in sales at Proctor & Gamble. In the almost three decades he spent with Nestlé, he served in various sales roles including VP of Sales, Executive VP and General Manager, and eventually for three years as President and CEO of Nestlé Canada, where he oversaw the growth of such popular food and beverage brands such as Nescafe®, Drumstick®, Kit-Kat®, Lean Cuisine®, and Delissio®.

“We live in an amazing time full of possibilities. Our food systems are transforming before our very eyes” said Brown. “Investing in Ojai Energetics is a natural step after leading entrepreneurial brands such as Chobani and joining a new brand with ancient roots and modern innovations such as Ojai Energetics is the wave of the future.”

Business Leaders in CBD

In 2013, Brown became President and CEO of Nestlé Waters North America, with its over 8,500 employees and 14 well-known non-alcoholic beverage brands, where he led for over four years.

“We are thrilled to partner with a business leader of this caliber, whose values and commitment to helping people achieve optimal health mirror our own,” Kleidon said. “Tim Brown is just the person to help guide Ojai Energetics’ through our rapid growth as we provide our customers with the most effective, sustainable CBD products possible.”

The Super CBD Difference

Ojai Energetics are the creators of Super CBD Hemp Elixir, the most effective delivery system of CBD on the market. OE Super CBD uses the most bioavailable and advanced micellular encapsulation process to safely improve the solubility of cannabinoids, using only certified organic ingredients, to encapsulate the oil in water.

In doing so, the brand makes analgesic and anti-inflammatory CBD, the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant, at least 10 times more bioavailable than fat-soluble oil. In fact, just 250mg of OE water-soluble CBD provides the equivalent to approximately 5000mg of other CBD oils. Super CBD Hemp Elixir is the only full-spectrum, water-soluble CBD oil made without synthetics or synthetically modified compounds.

“Water-soluble Super CBD is the ideal preparation for CBD-infused food and beverages, spa products, and more. We’re excited to bring Tim Brown on board to help us meet the needs of customers in these areas,” said Kleidon. “This will catapult Ojai Energetics into different verticals including food and beverage, hotels, restaurants, spas, and others looking to meet the highest standards in CBD products.”

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