Will Kleidon press conference

Will Kleidon Shares Best Practices for Hemp Farming & Production

Ojai Energetics produces full-spectrum CBD hemp oil using all organic ingredients in a mission to create the cleanest CBD oil on the planet

Do you know how your CBD hemp oil was made? And where it was produced? 

With the green rush hitting the Cannabis market, there are intense demands on CBD production for farmers.  This can lead to suppliers taking shortcuts and not testing their products properly, which can result in CBD being contaminated with herbicides or pesticides, heavy metals, mold, and bacteria.

Will Kleidon, Founder and CEO of Ojai Energetics, said knowing your farmers and how the CBD oil was made is essential to the production of pure CBD hemp oil.  At the Bevnet & Nosh Cannabis Forum for Food and Beverage, he discussed the cleanest and safest ways to produce CBD Hemp Oil in the growing cannabis market as the green rush hits the health and wellness industry. The process includes: farming, extracting, sourcing and formulating. 

CBD Starts With Farming

According to Kleidon, CBD hemp oil production starts with farming. It is vital that the soil is clean and does not contain high heavy metals that could contaminate the hemp oil. In order to make sure you have clean soil, you must know your farmers and how they create the oil. 

The soil is vital. Hemp can be used to clean up radioactive material in soil as well as an assortment of other dangerous chemicals. Know your soil,” Kleidon said.

He noted Ojai Energetics does not use herbicides or pesticides to make sure its hemp oil is as pure as can be. 

Extracting and Sourcing

After farming, hemp oil goes into the extracting and sourcing phase. According to Kleidon, safety and picking the right supplier is very important. When picking the right supplier, organizations should be able to scale appropriately so you have enough hemp oil if you hit a boom. 

It is recommended the suppliers have certifications and test their product to make sure it is free of all dirty compounds. To prevent contamination, Kleidon recommends using suppliers who run the oil through ISO and GMP labs and use third party tests for pesticides, mold, bacteria, heavy metals and residual solvents. 


The final phase of hemp oil production is formulating, which involves finding the right dosage of the CBD hemp oil

Consistency is key.

Data shows CBD won’t give you a proper effect with less than a 500 mg of a fat-based CBD or equivalent of that if the bioavailability is improved. A smaller level would have a placebo effect. Ojai Energetics elixir products use their patented water-soluble technology, which makes the bioavailability 20 times higher. For example, you would have to take a dosage of 5000 mg of regular CBD oil to get the effects of 250mg Ojai Energetics CBD.

Safety Matters

Cannabis is a budding and profitable industry in the U.S. But with the green rush sweeping the nation, it’s important to remember the four-step process in order to achieve safe, clean and pure CBD oil. 

The process includes: farming, extracting, sourcing and formulating. Once all four stages have been passed, you can be sure you have a great product for all of your customers. 

Will Kleidon is a futurist expert in Cannabis technology, Want to hire Will Kleidon to speak? Contact us today.