Will Kleidon

Will Kleidon’s Manifesto: Love Is The Answer

If you had ever met Ojai Energetics’ Founder and CEO, Will Kleidon, you would know he lives and breathes his manifesto – love is the answer. At an early age, Will already had the vision to create the most effective and clean CBD-rich hemp oil products on the planet. Additionally, he strived to create them with love and care for the earth and its people. Today, Will Kleidon is an award-winning pioneer in the cannabis industry. He is a futurist with a mission, vision, and passion for being in a state of love.

“Being in a state of love gives us optionality. Fear is limited. Love can be feeling afraid. It can be fiercely defending the innocent. It can be helping a friend. It can be planting a garden. It is adaptable. It is always the best answer to a problem as it provides the most options to address any circumstance adeptly. Choose love.“ – Will Kleidon

Love is the Answer – a Will Kleidon Manifesto

Love is kind

Love mutually benefits beings emotionally, mentally, and spiritually

Love is a mother bear protecting her cubs

Love gives us the most options

Love is compassion

Love is listening

Love is touch

Love is a smile

Love is helpful

Love is the gift of life

Love is breath

Love is fun

Love is healings

Love can take on many forms

Love ultimately wins

Love is the answer.

A Catalyst for Good

Love is the answer is Will’s mantra for a reason: at sixteen years old, he had a near-death experience. What came out of it was an epiphany that he should let love guide his life. Quickly, he realized that love should also be an integral part of his career. While in college, he found that capital was needed to go into regenerative solutions that weren’t getting invested there fast enough.

The best way to do that was to start a business with a triple bottom line policy. As such, his company could help people and the planet while still being profitable. He launched Ojai Energetics as part of his college curriculum and a senior project. That’s how Ojai Energetics was born.

With an emphasis on making people and the earth feel good, the California-based company sells the only 100% USDA organic, water-soluble, full-spectrum CBD elixir on the planet. Will Kleidon believes Hemp is a catalyst for things getting better. That’s why Ojai Energetics is set out to deliver goodness and love to the world.

Will Kleidon Leading With Love

In 2014, Will saw a need for cleaner CBD products. The market was flooded with CBD-rich hemp oil made with synthetic fillers and without third-party batch testing results. He wanted to create an organic CBD oil he could feel confident taking and sharing with friends and family. With this in mind, Ojai Energetics became the first Public Benefit Corporation in the space. Being able to service and uplift humanity and all life by providing the most affordable and effective hemp products motivates Will Kleidon to continue innovating.

The Will Kleidon Manifesto, “Love is the Answer” and Ojai Energetics

The relationship between CBD and love might not be evident to all. But to Will, it is. Indeed, the endocannabinoid system regulates the entire human body. CBD oil takes care of yourself and makes you feel better. It helps you love yourself. In turn, your body and mind are ready to love others. To Will, if you’re feeling good, you are more likely to help someone else feel good. In an interview with the Cannabis Law Report, Will said, “We will always ensure from seed to planting to the final products in your hands that we have made the world a better place without cutting corners. 

Loving Yourself, Others, and the Planet

Ojai Energetics is on a mission to live out the Will Kleidon manifesto by putting people and the planet before profits while being business-savvy. Ojai Energetics emphasizes building relationships with the farmers who grow the ingredients. Additionally, the company only supports regenerative farming practices. This means that when buying CBD products by Ojai Energetics, customers are supporting topsoil and biodiversity.

What’s more, Will Kleidon and his team run their servers with wind energy and ensure fair trade wages. They also make sure that those who cannot afford their products still have access to them. Ojai Energetics will not turn anyone away, because love is the answer. 

In Honor of Will Kleidon’s Birthday: Igniting A Horti-cultural Evolution!

When Will celebrates another year around the sun on September 16th, he will donate 11% of Ojai Energetics sales for the day to one of his favorite charities – Ron Finley Project. The organization focuses on bringing culture and community together while ending food deserts where fresh, healthy food isn’t available for entire communities. Ron envisions a world where gardening is cool, where kids eat the food they grow, and where organizations embrace the act of growing, knowing and sharing the best of the earth’s fresh-grown food.

To learn more about Will’s philosophy and how he implements it at Ojai Energetics, listen to this episode of Hustle & Flowchart. To better understand how Will sees the power of love in the CBD industry, head over to Chris Kesser’s podcast or watch From High to Sober in 5 Minutes: How Ojai Energetics May Have Figured It Out. Lastly, click here for an in-depth profile of Will Kleidon by the Cannabis Law Review.