How to Use Water-Soluble CBD in A Daily Routine

How to Use Water-Soluble CBD in A Daily Routine

The world of cannabis and CBD contains so many different types of products to try. But few new products hold as much promise to completely change our CBD experience as water-soluble CBD. This new class of CBD products offers easy dosing, high-bioavailability, and rapid onset of effects, making it one of the most effective, accessible, and easy to use options on the market. Still, those new to this type of CBD may be wondering how to use it in the most effective ways possible. 

If you are curious about how to utilize your own water-soluble CBD to achieve the best possible results, read on. This simple guide will walk you through the basics of the best and most effective ways to use it.

Why Use Water-Soluble CBD?

Before we jump into the details of how to use water-soluble CBD, it is essential to know a little bit about why you might want to use water-soluble CBD in the first place. One obvious reason is that this type of CBD can be dissolved into water. CBD in its natural form can only be dissolved by fats, so you will usually find CBD tinctures are oil-based – and can’t be easily mixed into drinks or other water-based solutions.

Of course, being fat-soluble not only makes it hard to mix CBD into liquids, but it also means CBD has low bioavailability. The human body is able to bring water-soluble compounds into our system pretty easily – but when it comes to fats, there is a natural gatekeeper called the mucosal membrane. This membrane is a thin layer of water, and it is there to help protect the body against certain harmful substances. But it also does a good job of keeping cannabinoids like CBD from making their way into our system. Only a small percentage (on average 6%) of cannabinoids can make it into the bloodstream. The majority of the CBD we ingest through these traditional oils will be destroyed during digestion and be completely wasted. And the CBD that does make it through will take at least 30-40 minutes to start working. The entire process is very inefficient. 

But with water-soluble CBD, the CBD is encapsulated in water. This allows it to pass through the mucous membrane unharmed, so the body can actively utilize that much higher levels of CBD. This process also allows CBD to bypass the digestive system, so it takes effect almost immediately. With its fast-acting, potent effects, who wouldn’t prefer water-soluble CBD – especially the Full Spectrum Hemp Oil? The fact that you can simply mix it into your drink is just a bonus when compared to these game-changing benefits. 

Of course, not all water-soluble CBD is the same. Ojai Energetics, for example, is the only 100 percent organic full-spectrum and water-soluble CBD. In addition, their method actually improves bioavailability even more than other CBD oils, offering the most bioavailable CBD on the market. 

Most water-soluble CBD uses liposomal formulations. Studies show that molecules like CBD become 8 times more bioavailable using this method. But Ojai Energetics uses a colloidal formulation, which, studies show, can make molecules like CBD 128 times more bioavailable! This makes Ojai Energetics products vastly more efficient – reducing waste and improving efficacy.  

The Most Effective Ways of Using Water-Soluble CBD 

Now that we’ve covered the reasons why you might want to use water-soluble CBD in the first place, it is time to explore the many ways of utilizing this incredible product. To get more insight into this topic, we spoke with Will Kleidon, Founder, and CEO of water-soluble CBD brand Ojai Energetics’, to learn more about how to most effectively use water-soluble CBD. As it turns out, there are many effective ways to use this product.  

Utilize water-soluble CBD by mixing it in with whatever you are drinking.

One easy way to utilize water-soluble CBD is to simply mix it in with whatever you are drinking. 

“You can put it in liquid, so people can drink it,” Kleidon explains, adding that “most people can take less than a dropper and they’ll feel it within 30 seconds.”

This is a great method because it allows you to easily work your CBD into your normal daily routine. Whether you are mixing it into your morning tea or coffee, adding it to a water bottle that you drink throughout the day, or enjoying it in something more substantial like a smoothie, you don’t need to go out of your way to create a special edible. This method is simple, easy, discreet, and already part of your daily habits. 

If you want to eat your CBD, you can also mix your tincture into a prepared meal. Foods that can be easily stirred like yogurt, oatmeal, rice, or soup can be fantastic options for this. Prepare your meal and then mix the CBD tincture into the food just before you would eat it. 

Kleidon points out that there are ways you can enjoy this product without even ingesting it. 

“It’s also transdermal, too,” he explains. In other words, it can pass through your skin. Kleidon says that “it has a one-minute onset if you just put it on your skin.” So simply apply and let the CBD do its work. 

Alternatively, he says “you can also bathe in it, which is amazing because it’s water-soluble.” Just add some tincture to your bathwater and soak the CBD in. You will quickly feel the CBD’s transdermal effects taking action. 

What is the Best Way to Use this CBO Oil?

Perhaps the easiest and best way to absorb water-soluble CBD is to simply drop some tincture under your tongue. This requires nothing more than your CBD tincture, and as we will learn in the next section, the flavor of your tincture can help you determine an optimal dose.  

How to find the right dose of water-soluble cbd

How to Find the Right CBD Daily Dosage

While all these different options are great ways to take water-soluble CBD, using CBD as a tincture can help you to determine your ideal dose. The way the tincture tastes can actually change depending on how much CBD your system needs. This is because the endocannabinoid system (the part of our body that interacts with CBD) can directly shift our taste perceptions of sweetness. When this system is activated and balanced, the tincture tastes sweeter than when it is deficient or out of balance. For this reason, it can be beneficial to use this tincture method while you are getting used to using water-soluble CBD and determining your ideal dose. 

As Kleidon explains, “it turns out when you titrate our complex, it will go from very, very bitter and get sweeter and sweeter until it turns to 100% sweet like honey. And if you continue titrating, it will get more and more bitter again until it’s fully bitter. And then if you continue on, it will get sweeter and sweeter and sweeter until it’s fully sweet again and so on and so forth.” 

Bitter Taste Indicates More CBD Could Be Beneficial

Because CBD interacts with your system, when it is bitter, it indicates that more CBD could be beneficial. But once the CBD tastes sweet, you may have already had enough CBD. 

To find your ideal dose, take ¼ dropper of water-soluble tincture in your mouth and hold it under your tongue. Notice how it tastes. Kleidon explains that “when it’s fully sweet, you’re at the peak of the bell curve.” In other words, CBD will likely be at its maximum effectiveness when tasting sweet and taking more likely won’t bring on more benefits. When the CBD tastes fully sweet like honey, you’ve had enough. 

On the other hand, Kleidon says that “if it’s fully bitter, you’re in a valley of limited effectiveness.” The bitter flavor indicates your system could use a little more CBD. When you taste this, it’s a signal to keep taking more until it begins to taste sweet. Continue taking ¼ dropper of tincture at a time until the tincture tastes fully sweet. 

Adjusting Your CBD Dose

After your first week of using the tincture, you can upgrade to using one dropper full at a time but otherwise continue to titrate based on taste. Most find that it takes 2-3 droppers full of CBD tincture before it tastes fully sweet – but it can vary from person to person. You may also notice that you may become more sensitive to CBD’s effects after use, so you may want to lower your dose the longer that you use it. 

While this is the most effective dosing method, some don’t enjoy the taste and prefer to mix the tincture in with a liquid. If this is your preference, simply start with three dropper fulls in a hot or cold beverage. And then take 1-2 droppers a day in the following days. You can always take more throughout the day if you feel like you need it. This should provide ample support for your endocannabinoid system

With one of these two dosing methods, you should be able to quickly and easily find your ideal dose for water-soluble CBD. 

At Ojai Energetics, we offer a variety of CBD products that you can use to support a healthier lifestyle. If you’re ready to start your CBD journey, check out the CBD Starter Kit – Trial Combo Pack here.