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Ojai Energetics FAQs – Can You Mail CBD for the Holidays

We’ve answered your burning questions about how to travel with CBD, and now we’re here to answer another common holiday question: Can I send CBD in the mail as a gift? 

As we’ve mentioned before, the legality of moving hemp products across state lines can be tricky to understand. As of March 2019, federal law says it’s A-OK to mail CBD products derived from hemp if the amount of TCH is 0.3% or less. However, you might want to exercise extra caution with states like Nebraska, South Dakota or Idaho, where the limit for THC is a strict zero. 

While federal law pretty much trumps state regulations, it doesn’t hurt to be a little extra careful if you’re going to package and ship CBD products yourself to those states. 

The best thing you can do to protect yourself while sending CBD to a friend or family member is to order directly through a reputable websites, like Ojai Energetics

All of our products meet the federal guidelines, so we feel pretty safe shipping our CBD oils sports gels and hemp elixirs anywhere in the United States. Plus, when you arrange for us to send our products instead of packaging up your own CBD gifts, you pass the legal buck out of your hands and into ours.

Now that you feel completely safe shipping our products as gifts this holiday season, here are a few customized gift ideas for your favorite types of pals!

  • Your foodie friend. Definitely send those kitchen junkies some CBD Coconut Oil so they can blend up the best smoothies and dips they’ve ever made. 
  • Your athlete friend.  Anyone who hits the gym regularly will appreciate the soothing powers of our CBD Sports Gel, which relaxes sore muscles. 
  • Your always-stressed friend. Go tried and true with our Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Elixir. Just a few drops under the tongue can help relieve anxiety and worries. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.   
  • Your skeptical friend. Introduce your hemp-wary friend to CBD products with our trial pack, which includes both the elixir and the coconut oil.